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Environmental Laws

The environment is the wellspring of life on earth like water, air, soil, etc., and determines the presence, development, and improvement of humanity and all its activities. The concept of environmental protection and preservation is not new. It has been intrinsic to many ancient civilizations. Ancient India texts highlight that it is the dharma of each individual in… Read More »

Foreign Judgments in Civil Procedure Code – All you need to know

Introduction Indian legal system is based on Common law legal system. The Constitution of India is inspired from laws and statute of other countries, as many provisions of Indian Constitution has been borrowed from the Statutes of other countries. Fundamental Rights from The U.S. Bill of Rights, DPSP from Ireland etc. Therefore, it is necessary that Indian Judiciary… Read More »

The Citizen and Administrative Faults

INTRODUCTION Over the past few decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of activities that have been performed by the government. Due to this, a wide amount of powers have been awarded to government officials making the entire process more susceptible to individual grievances. Off late, the number of complaints regarding bribery, corruption, delays, negligence… Read More »

Constitutional Protection to Civil Servants

INTRODUCTION The Government of India is the largest employer of the people of India. The Railways provide the most number of jobs. There are nearly 6.4 million people employed by the Government. These do not include the jobs in Public Sector Undertakings. For the administration and the for the government to function effectively and efficiently, a contingent of… Read More »

Practice and procedure of Administrative Adjudication: Rules of Natural Justice

INTRODUCTION ‘Natural Justice’ is an expression of English Common Law having its origin in Jus natural (law of Nature.) It involves the procedural requirement of fairness. In England, it was initially applied to the courts but later projected from the judicial to the Administrative sphere. It is justice that is simple and elementary, and fair play in action.… Read More »