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Federalism: Legislative Relations between Centre and States

Introduction One of the salient features of Indian Constitution is that it is the lengthiest written constitution. Constitution now contains 465 Articles, (divided into 25 Parts) and 12 Schedules. Out of those twenty-five Parts, Part XI is titled as “Relations between the Union and the States” and contains two Chapters. This essay specifically deals with 1st Chapter which… Read More »

Judicial Enforcement Of Socio-Economic Rights vis-a-vis Social Justice Bench By – Shashank Saurabh

Two important matters that perplex the society are the forms of enforcement and the remedies that can be granted in cases of violation of socio-economic rights, and yet some continuing concerns about their effective enforcement. I. Introduction With respect to the constitutional status of the social and economic rights, two points have emerged so far.[1] First, such rights… Read More »

1st National Essay Writing Competition on Constitution And Constitutionalism 2018: Register by 15th November

About Amity Law School Gurugram in Collaboration with Legal Bites is Organising its 1st National Essay writing Competition on Constitution & Constitutionalism 2018 on the auspicious day of 26th November 2018 i.e. Constitution Day. It is a competition designed to inculcate literary skills among the students. The topics of articles are propounded by some known academicians. Eligibility Students,… Read More »