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Role of Culture in Constitutionalism

This article deals with the role of culture in constitutionalism. The rule of law, in a constitutional state, prevails not because of any politically superior authority but because of the confidence that the people have in the legal system of the country. Introduction A democratic state requires its citizens to willingly obey the law. Such willingness shall only… Read More »

Democratic Constitutionalism in Crisis – In Conversation With The Legendary Scholar – Prof. (Dr.) Upendra Baxi

Mayank Shekhar, CEO, Legal Bites – recently attended a discussion on Democratic Constitutionalism in Crisis at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, where he had a brief conversation with this Prof. (Dr.) Upendra Baxi. Professor (Dr.) Upendra Baxi, born at Rajkot, Saurashtra, graduated from Rajkot (Gujarat University), read law at the University of Bombay, and holds LLM degrees from… Read More »

Who is Very Important in a Society? – VIP Saga

Roots of Democracy Long back, Abraham Lincoln furnished the tagline, “For the people, of the people, by the people”. Even prior to this exposure, Indian kings dedicated their precious lives to safeguard the interest and lives of the public. Tamil King Karikalan is associated with the history narrating his ascendance on the throne. The ministers vested the obligation… Read More »