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Nationalism: Spiritual Or Secular? BY- Deepika Singla

ABSTRACT Nationalism is a sacred passion, a great moral and ethical belief. It is oriented towards the development and welfare of all. The development can only be achieved if peace and tranquillity co-exist with plurality, tolerance and assimilation. A true nationalist understands that the social, economic, ethnic and religious identities imposed by people are artificial and they have… Read More »

Challenges to the Indian Nationalism By – Jnandeep Bora

Abstract The essay “Challenges to the Indian Nationalism” is an attempt to analyse and introspect on the very sense of nationalism of we, Indians. It also tries further to focus, how since the days of independence until the present times, we Indians as nationals of this great country, India, has carried the legacy of our nationalism. The essay… Read More »

Rule of Mob vs. Rule of law: An Unfettered Vigilantism – By Lokesh Vyas & Naman Dubey

ABSTRACT The spate of mob lynching incidents in India seems to bolster what Hobbes defined as the state of nature. Looking at the status quo, it is not unjust to say that the Indian democracy is tilting towards mobocracy. Vigilantism has been a buzzword since the inception of superhero movies but it is high time when reel life… Read More »

Result: 2nd National Essay Writing Competition On Nation And Nationalism 2018

Amity Law School proudly announces the results and rank of the 2nd National Essay Writing Competition 2018 organized in collaboration with Legal Bites and Indian Lawyers Association. ‘Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.” – Elbert Hubbard Congratulations to all the winners and Participants for putting in all the… Read More »