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Labour Law

In view of new work arrangements and global competition, labour laws have assumed greater significance. Labour law is a subject of a constantly changing nature. Although it is not a subject of wide presumption. It has established its presence on the syllabus of business management schools, chartered accountants, company Secretaries, works accountants institutes. It is also figuring in master’s courses… Read More »

Human Rights

All societies have grappled with human rights issues. Philosophers of every race and creed have for centuries been concerned with the nature of humanity, interpersonal relationships, and the position of individuals as members of groups. The concept did not originate from any particular part of the world. Arguably, all peoples of the world do not assent to the same… Read More »


INTRODUCTION The judicial process in India depends on the application of ‘judicial mind’ and ‘judicial reasoning’ to decide a dispute. This application of mind is made by the judge, who hears the case. A judge, though trained to decide such disputes while applying the correct law and expounding it too to fit into the facts, is ultimately a… Read More »


INTRODUCTION The phrase “human rights” may be used in an abstract and philosophical sense, either as denoting a special category of moral claim that all humans may invoke or, more pragmatically, as the manifestation of these claims in positive law, for example, as constitutional guarantees to hold Governments accountable under national legal processes. While the first understanding of… Read More »

Cartels – Concept and Meaning under Competition Law

Introduction – The cartel is an association of producers who by agreement among themselves attempt to control production, sale, and prices of the product to obtain a monopoly in any particular industry or product. Analysing the object of a cartel, in other words, it amounts to an unfair trade practice which is not in the public interest. The… Read More »