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How To Prepare For A Moot Court Competition | Part I – Moot Court Memorial

There is a technique in every art which has to be learnt by its practitioners. The same is true for the Art of Advocacy. Any law student can become a competent advocate by learning the principles of the art of advocacy by practice and patience. The experience of research is profitable; the experience of Oral Presentation of the… Read More »

Interview: Winning Team [Raffels University, Rajasthan] of THE 2nd DME NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2018

Delhi Metropolitan Education, NOIDA organized the ‘Second Moot Court Competition’, from April 06-08/18, where an astounding number of 60 teams participated from all over the country. Legal Bites – the media partner The 2nd DME National Moot Court Competition brings to you a brief interview with winning team members. Legal Bites: Since there is no researcher in the… Read More »