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Culpable Homicide and Murder – Meaning and Difference

Homicide is the highest order bodily injury that can be inflicted on a human body. It has from earliest times been considered most heinous offences. The word comes from Latin where ‘homo’ means ‘man’ and ‘cide’ means ‘I cut’. Thus homicide means the killing of a man by man. The homicide may be lawful or unlawful. Culpable homicide means… Read More »

Exceptions to Offence of Murder under Section 300 IPC

Clauses 1-4 of Section 300 provide the essential ingredients, wherein culpable homicide amounts to murder. Section 300 after laying down the cases in which culpable homicide becomes murder, states certain exceptional situations under which, if murder is committed, it is reduced to culpable homicide not amounting to murder punishable under section 304, IPC and not under section 302,… Read More »