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CfP: VIPS – ICRC National Conference on International Humanitarian Law, New Delhi [Jan 19] Submit by Dec 10

VIPS – ICRC One Day National Conference on International Humanitarian Law: Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Geneva Conventions 1949  About VIPS-ICRC Conference International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in modern times is being continuously challenged by the changing nature of the contemporary armed conflict. A wide array of new technologies has entered the modern battlefield. Cyberspace has opened up a… Read More »

Kinds Of Law

Introduction The phrase law has been derived from the Teutonic phrase Lag which means that specific. The law may be described as a specific rule of demeanour and human relations. It additionally approaches a uniform rule of conduct that’s applicable equally to all the human beings of the state. The law prescribes and regulates well-known situations of human… Read More »

International Law

International Law is composed of the laws, rules, and principles of general application that deal with the conduct of nation states and international organizations among themselves as well as the relationships between nation-states and international organizations with persons, whether natural or juridical. Important articles and study material on International Law – Click on the link to Read Sources Of International… Read More »

International Court of Justice – ICJ

Introduction and Historical Perspective of ICJ International Court of justice – ICJ is a principal organ under International law, created to resolve the disputes between the states. It bears a great responsibility in resolving International disputes. International Court of Justice is the successor of Permanent Court of Justice. The idea to create an International court to deal with… Read More »


INTRODUCTION The phrase “human rights” may be used in an abstract and philosophical sense, either as denoting a special category of moral claim that all humans may invoke or, more pragmatically, as the manifestation of these claims in positive law, for example, as constitutional guarantees to hold Governments accountable under national legal processes. While the first understanding of… Read More »

Settlement of Disputes

Introduction Disputes are inextricably linked to international relations. Increasingly these disputes are no longer just primarily between states but also between states and other parties like international organizations and other non-state actors, and between these actors mutually. In this context, the Charter of the United Nations (UN) plays a major role, in particular, regarding disputes between states. Article… Read More »

Extradition and Asylum

WHAT IS EXTRADITION? Extradition is the conventional process in which a person is surrendered by one state to another on the basis of a treaty, or comity, or some bilateral arrangement between the two sovereign states. This request of extradition made by a sovereign state is usually initiated at first place because the individual demanded by the state… Read More »

CfP: Galgotias University – National Symposium on Indian Approaches to International Law [April 7] Submit by Feb 26

About The Centre for Studies in International Law, School of Law, Galgotias University shall be organizing the National Symposium on “Indian Approaches to International Law” on 7 April 2018 in association with the Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi. With the international law being all-pervasive today, the list of India’s interactions with the discipline is endless. However,… Read More »