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Judicial Review of Administrative Action

Introduction Judicial Review of Administrative action is part of enforcing the constitutional discipline over the administrative agencies while exercising their powers. It has origin in England which was adopted in common law countries. India too inherited the idea of judicial review from England. India had laid its structure on English prerogative with a pattern which was issued by… Read More »

Quotes And Maxims – For Every Lawyer, Judge, Jurist and Scholar

The compilation of Quotes and Maxims is bound to be a companion to every lawyer, judge, jurist and scholar. “There are phrases, solemn and imposing in form, which seldom or never render any real assistance in the solution of a legal puzzle; but on the contrary actually, retard that situation. They are mere truism; or mere identical prepositions;… Read More »

Muslim Law

India is a country which abounds in personal laws. Every religious community in personal matters is governed by its own laws. Of all systems of law, the Muslim law furnishes the most interesting phenomenon of growth. The small beginnings from which it grew up and the comparatively short span of time within it attained its wonderful development, marks… Read More »

Legal Method

Legal method is made up of two words: ‘legal’ and method. the word ‘legal’ according to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary is something relating to law. It is also described as conforming to rules or law. Law is a set of rules enforced through a set of institutions. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways. “Method”, on its… Read More »

Labour Law

In view of new work arrangements and global competition, labour laws have assumed greater significance. Labour law is a subject of a constantly changing nature. Although it is not a subject of wide presumption. It has established its presence on the syllabus of business management schools, chartered accountants, company Secretaries, works accountants institutes. It is also figuring in master’s courses… Read More »

International Law

International Law is composed of the laws, rules, and principles of general application that deal with the conduct of nation states and international organizations among themselves as well as the relationships between nation-states and international organizations with persons, whether natural or juridical. Important articles and study material on International Law – Click on the link to Read Sources Of International… Read More »