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Remoteness of Damages

MEANING AND CONCEPT It is quite simple, once the damage is caused by a wrong, there have to be liabilities (conditional to some exceptions). The question remains how much liability can be fixed, and what factor determines it. The doctrine of the remoteness of damages is one such principle. An event constituting a wrong can constitute of single… Read More »

Vicarious Liability – Concept, Origin and Relations governed by it

Introduction Vicarious liability is a theme of “Law of Torts” before proceeding to this topic it’s equally salient to know about the law of torts. Imitative from the Latin term “tortum”, meaning twisted that was used to denote ‘twisted, incorrect conduct’. Described as a class of actions that was distinct from breach of contract, hence a separate category… Read More »


INTRODUCTION TO NEGLIGENCE AS A TORT Negligence is derived from the Latin word negligentia, which means ‘failing to pick up’. A person is negligent when the person fails to take care in a situation where he/she ought to. In legal terms, ‘Negligence’ is defined as an act of carelessness which damages the property of a person. The negligence… Read More »