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Muslim Law

India is a country which abounds in personal laws. Every religious community in personal matters is governed by its own laws. Of all systems of law, the Muslim law furnishes the most interesting phenomenon of growth. The small beginnings from which it grew up and the comparatively short span of time within it attained its wonderful development, marks… Read More »

Inheritance under Muslim Law

The Islamic Law of inheritance is a combination of the pre-Islamic customs and the rules introduced by the Prophet. Whatever is left after the death of a Muslim is his heritable property. This property can be movable or immovable and ancestral or self-acquired. The estate of a deceased Muslim devolves on his heirs separately and the heirs are entitled to… Read More »

Wakf under Muslim Law : Concept, Creation, Control and Registration

Introduction: A wakf under Muslim law is essentially a religious and pious obligation, though provision is sometimes also made for charities and for the benefit of oneself, one’s children and descendants (alal-aulad). The origin of wakf is traced to an utterance of the Prophet. The utterance is often quoted and is considered the briefest definition of Wakf –… Read More »