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Robbery and Dacoity – Meaning and important provisions

Robbery in common language means to deprive a person of his or her property. The chief distinguishing element in robbery, theft and extortion is the presence of imminent fear of violence. In all robbery, there is either theft or extortion. The essence of the offence of robbery is that the offender for committing theft or for carrying away… Read More »

Criminal Misappropriation and Criminal Breach of Trust

Meaning The word “misappropriation” means a dishonest appropriation and use of another’s property for the sole purpose of capitalizing it for one’s own use. Criminal misappropriation text place when the position has come innocently, but it continued due to subsequent change of intention or after knowledge of some new facts with which the party was not previously acquainted.… Read More »

Cheating and related provisions

Introduction – Hawkins defines cheating as deceitful practices in defrauding or endeavoring to defraud another of his own right by means of some artful device contrary to the plane rule of common honesty. [Smith and Hogan, criminal law 10th edition; 2003 page 568 to 569]. Cheating at common law was a misdemeanor and punishable by imprisonment and fine. Section… Read More »

Sedition – Legal Provisions and Case Laws

Meaning Sedition in the ordinary sense means a stirring up of rebellion against the Government. Sedition is an offence against the state. Sedition is nothing but libel (defamation) of the established authority of law, i.e., Government. Hence it is called seditious libel in England. Sedition consists in attempt made, by meeting or speeches by Publications, to disturb the… Read More »