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Call for Applications: Legal Bites Campus Amicus Program 2020

The Legal Bites Campus Amicus Program is one of its initiatives to reach the maximum students of India from the field of law and management while giving them an opportunity to learn professionalism. Legal Bites has always recognized and awarded deserving students. Through Our Campus Amicus Program, we aim to give the students an opportunity to represent us… Read More »

CYBERTALKINDIA: Campus Associate Program 2020 [Apply by 29 March]

About Organisation CYBERTALKINDIA is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Firm established in the year 2018 in Indore, India which aims to focus on cybersecurity training and skill development about digital citizenship and internet safety. With the cashless economy boom, there is a pressing need to create a cyber-aware generation. The CYBERTALKINDIA Campus Associate Program is one of the initiatives to outreach the best… Read More »

VidhiAagaz – We’re Hiring Again – Become Our Representative at Your College

About Vidhiaagaz Established in June 2017, VidhiAagaz is a dedicated team of 40+ academicians and 200+ Students from 4 different countries i.e. India, France, Ethiopia and Nigeria with an intent to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law, management, and other such disciplines. VidhiAagaz has published 1000+ manuscripts in its 3 Series of Book and two Internationals… Read More »

Call For Campus Ambassador – CYBERTALKINDIA [Application on a rolling basis]

Campus Ambassador Program The CYBERTALKINDIA Campus Ambassador Program is one of the initiatives to outreach the maximum people of India while giving them an opportunity to learn professionalism and giving them an exposure to work with the other students of the colleges from all over India. CYBERTALKINDIA has always recognized and awarded the deserving students with the bonus… Read More »

Call for Applications: Campus Associates for Indian Law Conclave [Apply by May 15]

About: An opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Indian Law Conclave 2018 and their institutions. It is an opportunity to develop professional, marketing, communication and leadership skills. The initiative also intends to use various engagements to develop a relationship with institutes starting with knowledge awareness initiatives. Indian Law Conclave is a three day National Conference to… Read More »