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4th National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism 2020 [Register by Feb 21]

About the Competition Amity Law School is proud to announce the Fourth Edition “National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism 2020”, in association with Indian Lawyers Association, Udhvik Asha Welfare Foundation and Legal Bites. The objective behind this initiative is to help the youth understand the importance of nationalism and to incite creativity in their young minds… Read More »

Nationalism: Vices in Disguise By – Saumya Singh

Abstract: India is the third largest Asian nation characterized by immense diversity in cultures, religions, languages, opinions, etc. However, diversity is often supplemented with differences and chaos because every section of the society is willing to be heard and looks forward to asserting their religious and political beliefs by contradicting others. This is one of the harsh realities… Read More »

Demur and Carp: New Idea of Patriotism By: Ameya Nath

Abstract Nationalism can never be imposed on people through the authoritative use of power. There are a lot of ways through which the government can instil the feeling of nationalism in its citizen. If people are provided with proper education, food facilities and other basic services, then the need to infuse nationalism in them will diminish. If such… Read More »

Mobocracy and Nationalism in India: A Commentary on Theoretical Discourse

Abstract Mobocracy can be defined as a state of affairs which is primarily governed by the whims and wishes of majoritarian dictate (often accompanied by political mandate) rather than rational and just considerations. India which harbour the most diverse population in the world has had many incidents of strife and riots since its inception. But a new nationwide… Read More »

Rule of Mob vs. Rule of law: An Unfettered Vigilantism – By Lokesh Vyas & Naman Dubey

ABSTRACT The spate of mob lynching incidents in India seems to bolster what Hobbes defined as the state of nature. Looking at the status quo, it is not unjust to say that the Indian democracy is tilting towards mobocracy. Vigilantism has been a buzzword since the inception of superhero movies but it is high time when reel life… Read More »