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For all the aspiring lawyers or judges, the first checkpoint is cracking the CLAT exam to get admission in a reputed law college. Well, this can be a cakewalk if you follow these simple tricks and method which studying:

 1.      Instead of going for the last moment preparation of new concept, revise and master upon the topics you have learned so far. In the last two-three days, just go through the notes prepared and solve the problems and abide by the maxim-“Practice makes you perfect”.

 2.      Time management is an essential feature while preparing for such competitive exams. So while preparing the important sections must be kept into consideration and the time to be devoted to these sections. The majority of the law coaching institutions suggest following this pattern: English and general knowledge first, legal aptitude second and lastly mathematics and Logical Reasoning (LR).

 3.      For English section, strengthen you basics of grammar. You can do so by reading English newspapers, magazines or can also watch English movies on regular basis. Improve your vocabulary by learning 5 new words daily. Also, solve comprehensive passages. This practice can help you save time during the final exam.

 4.      Start inculcating the habit of reading newspapers and watching the news and making notes of the same. This can help you attempt general knowledge and current affairs section.

 5.      For all the sections, solve the past question papers and mock test series as many as possible to increase your solving proficiency. Also, this will help you identify the repetitive topics in each exam, which will reduce your study portion and indirectly your stress level to some extent.

By – Mansi Gupta

(Blogger @ Legal Bites)

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