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“As an anarch, who acknowledges neither law nor custom, I owe it to myself to get at the very heart of things. I then probe them in terms of their contradictions, like image and mirror image. Either is imperfect – by seeking to unite them, which I practice every morning, I manage to catch a corner of reality.” … Read More »

Women’s march- An opposition to social circumstances

Women’s march- An opposition to social circumstances The global march encouraged people, who believed in equality, diversity, and inclusion, to come forward and epitomize the rights and voices of dynamic people. The motive of the march was to safeguard rights and shield well-being, recognizing that the vibrant and diverse communities have the robustness to overcome adverse situations of… Read More »

Why Penalize Marital Rape?

The paper ‘Why Penalize Marital Rape?’ discusses various notions regarding rape and specifically marital rape and throws light on some critical and burning truths of our ‘modern society’. The ‘hue and cry’ by women of our nation, regarding the legalization of the crime, seems to be in vain. Taking into account the vastness of the topic, doctrinal research… Read More »