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Do I really know what Racism is?

What exactly is Racism – I am yet to find an answer to it. When I do the google search, the first definition which pops up is “the belief that some races of people are better than others; unfair ways of treating people of different races”. Do I really know what Racism is? How many of us have… Read More »

Euthanasia: Legal Framework in India

I. Introduction Euthanasia in greek means Good death or a quick death. It is also known as mercy killing, assisted suicide, or assisted killing. It is intentionally killing, or ending the life of a person in order to relieve him from pain and suffering. It is the termination of the life of a person who is extremely ill,… Read More »

Why common man must re-think before defining the word “Legacy”

The theme of the article ‘Why common man must re-think before defining the word “Legacy”’ is structured upon why man must think beyond saving monetary assets and property wealth for future generations and Acknowledge the need for conserving the Environment, Ecology, and its resources. It revolves around Indian environmental jurisprudence, Legislature, and Judiciary through International Institutions acknowledge the… Read More »

Nationalism: A Calculated Risk

Nationalism conventionally is perceived and seen as one of the great driving forces ostensibly the most powerful of all the movements in modern history. From the French Revolution to India’s Independence Struggle, from the Civil War in the United States to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the proposition or postulation of nation and nationalism has steadily grown… Read More »

Doctors, Patients and their Interface

This medical jurisprudence article on the rights of patients and doctors crafted by Aastik Dhingra is based on the research and decisions of various courts, read the article for in-depth knowledge.  I. Introduction The last year has been tumultuous. The reason is not even up for any guesses, the Covid-19 Virus. The effects are not over, may even… Read More »

Is Nationalism a Cultural or Political Phenomenon?

This article on ‘Is Nationalism a Cultural or Political Phenomenon?’ discusses different views of philosophers in order to observe whether Nationalism is a political or cultural phenomenon. Introduction The word Nationalism in recent times has been a recurring phenomenon in the life of ordinary Indian Citizens. In the media houses, we have seen much ill-informed debate taking place… Read More »

Daughters of Destiny – An Indian Perspective

This essay ‘Daughters of Destiny – An Indian Perspective’ is about the legacy of the Indian woman; the one she inherited as well as the one she will leave behind. From time immemorial, the idea of ‘Indian Woman’, has embodied two very contrasting realities. The idea of  ‘Indian Woman’ is very different from the reality of the ‘Women… Read More »