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Criminal Law and Freedom of Speech

This article on ‘Criminal Law and Freedom of Speech’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and explores the limits imposed by the USA on the criminalisation of speech. I. Introduction Freedom of expression is an immensely important right for every individual and free speech is an inseparable part of it. First amendment offers a descriptive view of the free… Read More »

National Institute of Corrections

This article titled ‘National Institute of Corrections’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the role, functioning etc of the NIC. I. Introduction The US being the home to the highest number of prisoners needs a proper administrative agency to regulate the functioning of prison authorities. This is where NIC i.e. National Institute of Corrections comes into play. It… Read More »

Prostitution in the United States

This article titled ‘Prostitution in the United States’ is written by Antariksh Anant and discusses the legality of prositution in USA and the laws surrounding the same. I. Introduction Prostitution laws deny anybody from giving or offering to give sexual conduct in return to money or some other type of compensation. They likewise rebuff the individuals who offer sex for… Read More »

Bar Enrolment in America

This article titled ‘Bar Enrolment in America’ is written by Antariksh Anant and discusses the procedure of bar enrolment in the USA. I. Introduction To acquire a permit to practice law, practically all law school graduates should apply for bar admission through a state-leading group of bar analysts. Frequently this board is an office of the highest state court… Read More »

Changing Perceptions of Marriage in India: The Hindu Community

This article titled ‘Changing perceptions of marriage in India: The Hindu Community’ is written by Akriti Raina and focuses on the changes surrounding the idea of marriage in the Hindu community of the Indian society. I. Introduction Marriage has been considered sacred in Indian society. It makes the husband and wife one unit in the eyes of law… Read More »

Witch-Hunting in India: the need for a central legislation

This article titled ‘Witch-Hunting in India: the need for a central legislation’ is written by Trisha Singh and discusses the problem of witch-hunting in India and the need for legislation related to the same. I. Introduction “Everyone loves a witch hunt as long as it is someone else’s witch being hunted’’  -Walter Kirn Since ancient times many practices… Read More »

Reciprocating towards the concept of “Doli Incapax”: Keeping in view the Juvenile Delinquency

This article on ‘Reciprocating towards the concept of “Doli Incapax”: keeping in view the juvenile delinquency’ is written by Amisha Priyadarshini Dash and Adish Jain and aims at understanding the concept of Doli Incapax with reference to juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. I. Introduction “A nation’s children are its supremely important assets and the nation’s future lies in… Read More »