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Section 4a: Abuse Of Dominant Position And IPR

In this article titled ‘Section 4a: Abuse Of Dominant Position And IPR’ the author focuses on how the introduction of Section 4a Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020 opens the floodgates of abuse of dominance via IPR. The proposed legislation will bring a paradigm shift in IPR Litigation with respect to anti-trust concerns. I. Introduction: Abuse Of Dominant Position… Read More »

Poverty Alleviation Programmes In India

Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon which goes beyond the realms of lack of adequate income. It is viewed as a state of social, economic and political deprivation of people that excludes them to participate as equals in the development process. I. Introduction Poverty is a curse to mankind. It is a state where people don’t have the basic… Read More »

Transnational Organized Crimes: India; A Battleground

The article provides an insight into the form and factors concerning Transnational Organized Crimes and analyses the hurdles in achieving the prevention of the same, as well as provides suggestions with regard to the curbing of Transnational Organized Crimes. I. Introduction – Transnational Organized Crimes Considering the recent ages the word “Crime” seems to have outgrown its standards… Read More »

Brief History of Gambling Laws in India

India has one of the most complicated histories revolving around gaming and gambling. Even archaeologists have found dice made from sandstone and terracotta that date back to 3300 BC, and there is strong evidence that Indus Valley citizens participated in cockfighting and betting. Diwali, an Indian religious festival, has religious connotations tied to gambling. However, even for religious… Read More »

Managing Your Emotions during Legal Disputes

Legal disputes can be an emotional rollercoaster with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. When court cases involve family disputes such as child custody or divorce, confrontations can turn messy quickly when emotions run high. Unfortunately, this makes legal proceedings more challenging and, in many cases, neither side wins. The legal process doesn’t have to be emotionally draining when… Read More »

Legalise Gambling? Morality v. Revenue

In order to legalise gambling, a vigorous legal framework is needed which will govern the gaming industry and ensure that people don’t fall for excessive gambling. Introduction – Legalise Gambling The constant trade-off between morality and revenue has been the main issue of any debate related to gambling. Gambling has been practised throughout human civilisation. Over the years,… Read More »

What To Do If Your Visa Or Green Card Is Denied

When people think about visas, what comes in their minds is showing up at the U.S embassy and answering a few questions, and getting a pass. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the United States immigration system. Becoming a lawful permanent resident in the U.S is not as easy as many think. Sometimes, green card applicants have… Read More »

Legal Status of Online Gambling in the State of Goa

India is not one of the countries where gamblers can easily find casinos and enjoy their games. Only three states out of 29 legalized gambling activities – Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. Furthermore, casinos need to follow a strict set of rules and regulations for being able to provide their services. Every state mentioned above is entitled to regulate… Read More »