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Confused about drafting your petition or civil suit? Find the most accurate formats of various types of Court Pleadings only on Legal Bites.

Format of Petition

ORIGINAL PETITION  FACTS: Mohan Reddy and Saraswathi both having married to each other, lived happily for about two years after the marriage, but since one year S. Mohan Reddy, was subjecting his wife to both physical and mental cruelty. In the circumstances, Saraswathi submits that it has become undesirable and impossible for her to live with her husband… Read More »

Format of Memorandum of Appeal in Civil Cases

In this article, you will find a brief explanation and Format of Memorandum of Appeal in Civil Cases. A memorandum of appeal is different from a petition. Therefore, no enumeration of the facts of the case, no complaint against the high handedness of the other party, no plea of the helpless condition of the appellant and no plea… Read More »

Format for Civil Suit

CIVIL SUIT Facts A licence agreement was entered into between the plaintiff and defendant in respect of premises belonging to the plaintiff. The agreement provided that the lincensor (The plaintiff) could terminate the license at any time by giving a 3 months’ notice in writing to the licensee [The defendant]. Inspite of such a notice have been sent.… Read More »

Format of Affidavit in Support

AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT FACT Draft a Notice of motion for the appointment of a receiver in a suit for the dissolution of a partnership filed in the Vijayawada City Civil Court. Also, draft an affidavit in support of the Notice of Motion. IN THE CIVIL COURT OF JUDICATURE AT VIJAYAWADA ORDINARY ORIGINAL CIVIL JURISDICTION NOTICE OF MOTION NO.… Read More »

Format of Affidavit

AFFIDAVIT FACTS: Draft, on behalf of the respondent wife, a notice of motion, along with an affidavit in support thereof, in and for custody of a minor girl. IN THE FAMILY COURT AT TIRUPATI NOTICE OF MOTION NO. 80 OF 2010 IN MATRIMONIAL PETITION NO: 101 OF 2010 Sushmitha                  … Read More »