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Landmark Judgments – Lists, Subject Wise Case Laws and Notes

Here’s the list of Landmark judicial decisions which changed the laws as well as everyday life. These Landmark Judgments have been presented for easy grasp and quick learning. Landmark Judgment 20 Important Judgments of 2020 Landmark Judgements On Gender Equality: The Practical Reality Landmark cases on Muslim Law 10 Important Judgments of the Supreme Court of the United… Read More »

Case Study: Foss v Harbottle (1843)

In the area of corporate law, the rule of Foss v Harbottle has developed a fundamental principle: the company itself is the proper plaintiff over an injustice committed to a company. Along with the “Salomon” concept of separate legal personality of corporations, this principle has been of invaluable value to trade and the global economy. This case study… Read More »

20 Important Judgments of 2020

2020 is beyond question or hesitation, a year like no other that the planet has seen. The effects of coronavirus can be seen on legal judgments as well. Besides, the pandemic has on an unprecedented scale prompted a global economic shutdown. In the legal industry, while managing their dockets, the courts have struggled to adjust to the new… Read More »

Case Summary: Air India v Nargesh Meerza, AIR 1981 SC 1829

In the case of Air India air hostesses, the Supreme Court ruling has attracted opprobrium for being retrograde and discriminatory. It disagrees with and overrules a Bombay High Court decision that, relative to their male counterparts at 58, the retirement age of air hostesses at 50 is sexist. The critique, prima facie, seems warranted. The question is whether… Read More »

Case Summary: Rudul Sah v State of Bihar & Anr (1983)

This case summary is an attempt to analyse the landmark judgement of the Supreme Court in the case of Rudul Sah v State of Bihar & Anr reported in 1983 AIR 1086 which is crucial in the development of compensatory jurisprudence in case of violation of fundamental rights. I. Introduction Delivered by Chief Justice Chandrachud on 1st August… Read More »