The Tyranny of Kim Jong Un – A Report

By | September 30, 2017

Kim Jong Un who was born on 8 January 1982 and is the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK); the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly called North Korea. Kim is the second child of Kim Jong Il (1941–2011) and Ko Yong Hui. Before taking power, Kim was rarely seen in public, and many of the activities of Kim and his government remain unknown.


On 17 December 2011, Kim Jong Il died. After his death, Kim Jong Un became the ruler of North Korea. The North Korean Central News Agency then described Kim Jong Un as “a great person born out of heaven.”


Some reports even say that Kim Jong Un tortures people, has sponsored acts of terrorism and maintains the fourth largest army in the world as his people regularly face starvation.

1. He always had dreams of becoming a producer before coming into power. As a result, he kidnapped a Film Director – Shin Sang Ok and his wife, Actress Choi Eun Hee, a power couple of the South Korean film industry. After an imprisonment of 6 years, the two were charged by Kim and they have made 6 movies together before going towards a European Film Festival.

2. In addition, before rising to power, Kim Jong Il is suspected of organizing two major terrorist attacks against South Korea.

3. Imagine being sent to jail because your father was in jail. This was the case with him. And he was in jail because… well, no good reason. This actually was the reality in North Korea.

4. North Korea’s population suffered one of the deadliest famines in the history of time. This was the time when Kim was not concerned about the situation and was busy building the World’s 4th largest standing army and buying the world’s largest supply of Hennessy cognac.

Kim Jong Un VS Donald Trump

The ongoing arguments between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took a flight to the next level when the North Korean ruler considered Trump’s statement as an insult towards him and his country. Hence, he declared a war on the USA. He is ready to fight Trump and teach him a good lesson for defaming him and North Korea. In his defense, Trump has installed and deployed anti-missile defenses against North Korea in South Korea.

Donald Trump recently called the North Korean ruler a “madman”. The situation has now heated to a greater extent. Both of them insulting each other – have declared simultaneous wars. North Korea said that they will be testing hydrogen bomb in Pacific oceans after the allegations of Trump. Later, Trump has discontinued trade relations with Pyongyang’s biggest trading partner – China. The North Korean leader is irrational and no settlement can ever be done with him. Declaration of war despite the knowledge about the several U.S Military bases in South Korea is rather strange and unacceptable.


It can be said that not everything is going well between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un; yet, both share a set of similarities. They are both irrational and unpredictable in their own ways. Both of them have defamed China on several occasions while knowing that they are economically dependent on Beijing. They both are quarrelsome and autocratic. While Trump talks about and considers the case of leadership and towards negotiating prowess, he should also point a finger towards himself.

In my opinion, there should be a consideration with regard to the issue at Pyongyang which is suffering because of this. Even after calling Kim Jong Un a “madman”, I don’t think Donald Trump wants to negotiate a deal with North Korea. Donald Trump has also removed the control over China to put pressure on North Korea. The North Korean leader is entirely AUTOCRATIC; his foolish actions are not hidden from anybody. I think Trump should ignore this issue with North Korea, which has heated so much. Diplomacy is probably the only solution to this.


– Deepali Bhanot

Content Writer @ Legal Bites

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