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“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us”  – Oscar Wilde

  1. The ideal way to boost up your brain performance is walking before the exams.
  2. Through various studies, it has been found that the likelihood of remembering the content is more when you read it aloud instead of reading the same content over and over again.
  3. You tend to do something when you get something in return. In order to motivate yourself, try some reward system in the study habits. Lure yourself with some hidden gifts in your textbooks and then see the impact on your performance.
  4. It is an old saying that knowledge increases on sharing. Also, it is the best way to test if you really understood the content or not. So in order to boost up the memory try teaching your peers and if no one is interested set up a dummy house of yours.
  5. Diagrammatic representation of the textual part could be another way to recall the content of the exam. This is the easy representation of the tough parts of the course material and helps you recover your memory in a much easy way.
  6. An important element to boost up the memory is music. But you need to be careful while making its selection from the unlimited lists of songs available. This can help elevate the mood, which in turn leads to productive studying.
  7. Timely breaks for meditation can reduce the exam stress as it relaxes the tensed nerves and hence improves the health. This can further keep the brain calm and help you to stay focused.
  8. Often there are times when your individual creativity can be less beneficial as compared to the group creativity. Group study not only enhances learning experience but also boosts up your creative level and in addition intensifies the working of the brain.

Author – Mansi Gupta, GD Goenka University

Mayank Shekhar
Author: Mayank Shekhar

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