Negotiation – Meaning, Scope, Advantage & Disadvantage

Negotiation meaning: Negotiation is the process of dispute resolution between parties, through mutual understanding and agreement where there is no involvement of the third party. Introduction Negotiation as the name suggests means discussion with the objective to solve the issue at hand which is also called the negotiation problem. Nelson Mandela mentioned that “Negotiation and discussion are the greatest… Read More »

Ethical Standards in Mediation

There are certain common principals which are followed by the mediators at the time of the mediation session. Several organizations have draft ground rules for the mediators to follow. The Common Ethical standards followed in the Mediation Process are – Impartiality, Integrity, Confidentiality, Honesty, Self-Determination etc.  Introduction Mediation is a client-driven process. Here the parties appoint a neutral third party to mediate in a… Read More »

Negotiation Strategies

There are several strategies that one can adopt to effectively continue the negotiation process but here we will discuss 4 major Negotiation Strategies: 1.Bargaining, 2.Roger Fisher And William L. Ury, 3. BATNA, ZOPA. Introduction Negotiation is a subtle art which is often used these days by the scholars and the critics of the legal fraternity. Patricia Bizzell and Bruce… Read More »

Law School Review: Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Brief Introduction of the Symbiosis Law School: Symbiosis Law School Noida, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is approved by the Bar Council Of India (BCI), New Delhi. It is accredited A by NAAC. The law school offers two five-year integrated undergraduate courses in law, viz., {Bachelor of Arts, Legum Baccalaureus—B.A.LL.B} and {Bachelor of Business Administration, Legum Baccalaureus—B.B.A.LL.B}. Along with the… Read More »