Right to Privacy: Evolution

The debate on the “Right to Privacy” is old as mankind. It evolved from being the protection of one’s home and body to one’s personal information. It, in recent times, has become a quintessential issue. It is said that an individual’s privacy is the person’s inherent human right bestowed by nature and still its existence as a fundamental right… Read More »

Right to Strike and Constitutional Validity

The right to strike has been recognized under various national and international statutes. Strike is the collective stoppage of work by concerted refusal to work by a body of persons employed. The right to unionize, the right to strike as part of collective bargaining and, subject to the legality and humanity of the situation, the right of the… Read More »

Offences relating to Coins and Government Stamps

Offences relating to Coins and Government Stamps | Overview Introduction Instrument for Counterfeiting Abetment of the Offence Import or Export: Punishable or Not? Delivery of Counterfeit Coins: When is it an Offence? Offences related to Mint Employees Offences relating to Government Stamps The offence of counterfeiting coins and government stamps are dealt with within this article. The introductory… Read More »

Fraudulent Deeds and Disposition of Property: Overview

Fraudulent Deeds and Disposition of Property | Overview Dishonest or Fraudulent Removal or Concealment of Property to Prevent Distribution Among Creditors Dishonestly or Fraudulently Preventing Debt Being Available for Creditors Dishonest or Fraudulent Execution of Deed of Transfer Containing False Statement of Consideration Dishonest Or Fraudulent Removal Or Concealment Of Property The article talks about the offences fraudulent… Read More »

Rights and Liabilities of a Registered Trade Union Explained

Rights and Liabilities of a Registered Trade Union Explained | Overview Rights and liabilities of a registered trade union Right to establish a general and political fund Immunity from certain criminal and civil proceedings Right to a peaceful strike Right to enforce agreements Right to inspect books Rights of minors to membership of trade unions Right to change… Read More »

Case Analysis: Indra Sawhney v. Union of India (1993)

Case Analysis: Indra Sawhney v. Union of India (1993) | Overview Basic Details Facts Issues Raised Decision of the court Rationale of the Judgement Whether reservations are applicable for promotions or not? Creamy layer Concluding remarks 77th Constitutional Amendment 81st Constitutional Amendment 103rd Constitutional Amendment Indra Sawhney v. Union of India, known as the Mandal Commission case, is… Read More »

Divorce by Mutual Consent | Step-by-Step

Divorce by Mutual Consent | Overview Divorce by mutual consent – Meaning Statutes governing divorce by mutual consent Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 The Muslim Women (Protection on Divorce) Act, 1986 and Personal Laws The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936 The Special Marriage Act, 1954 Step by Step procedure to file for… Read More »

Indian Trade Unionism and its Weaknesses

Indian Trade Unionism and its Weaknesses | Overview Introduction: Indian Trade unionism and its weaknesses Conceptual Backdrops of Trade Unionism Objectives of trade unions Trade unionism in India / Growth of Trade Union movements in India The First Workers’ Organisation in India Role of Trade unions Functions of Trade Unions Functions relating to trade union members Weakness of… Read More »

Safety of Women with rising Cyber Crimes

Safety of Women with rising Cyber Crimes | Overview Introduction Types of Cyber Crime affecting the Safety of Women Cyber Harassment Cyber pornography Email Spoofing Morphing Cyber defamation Cyber Stalking Recent Cyber Crime Cases in India International Initiatives Conclusion and Suggestions Evolution in technology has acted as a catalyst, leading to an increase in the number of Cyber Crimes… Read More »

Bona fide Feminism: A relic of history or a need?

Bona fide Feminism | Overview Introduction The First Wave The Second Wave The Third Wave The Fourth Wave Anti-feminism Why do we still need feminism? Conclusion Feminism is a political and intellectual movement that started in the late 1900s and aimed at seeking equal rights and opportunities for women in economic, legal, and political arenas. The concept of equality… Read More »