Decriminalising Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act

Decriminalising Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act is the need of the hour as it would decrease the burden on businesses and facilitate economic growth. Decriminalising Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act Chapter XVII of the Negotiable Instruments Act containing Section 138-142 was incorporated to make sure that the drawer fulfils his obligation, and people develop… Read More »

1st Dr. R.U. Singh Memorial National Judgement Writing Competition

About Dr. R.U. Singh Memorial National Judgement Writing Competition Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow is organising 1st Dr. R.U. Singh Memorial National Online Judgement Writing Competition. The objective of this Competition is for the students to approach a factual matrix from the point of view of a judge, apply the law, and render a judgment. The student shall… Read More »

Prevention of Abuse of Dominant Position in Market

The article provides an insight of the basic concept of the Competition Law i.e. Abuse of Dominant Position by any of the players of the market. It also covers the powers provided to the Competition Commission of India to prevent any such abuse and maintain the healthy competition in the market in order to protect the interests of… Read More »

Competition Appellate Tribunal: Overview

The article gives insight about the Competition Appellate Tribunal. It also lays down the qualifications, tenure, disqualification of the members and Chairperson of the Tribunal. Further, it throws light on the amendments that has taken away the spirit of the COMPAT and landed up with NCLAT. Introduction The businesses and the economy all over the world has seen… Read More »

How To File A Patent In India- A Detailed Patent Filing Process

This article presents the steps on how to file a patent in India, enlisting a detailed filing process. The vital components required for an invention to be signified as a patent has been discussed in detail. It arranges a comprehensive analysis of the various criteria involved in filing a patent provisional application, extending over to publication and renewal.… Read More »

Force Majeure in times of COVID-19

The horrendous wave of COVID 19 has reinvoked the use of Force Majeure as a way of dispensing justice. It has drowned the world into the sea of an unprecedented economic crisis, such that, it seems just next to impossible to recover from this slump. This pandemic has affected almost the entire globe by infecting over 50 lakh people… Read More »

Competition Commission of India: Overview

The article gives an insight into the Competition Commission of India and the landmark cases dealt by it. The article also covers the importance of Raghvan Committee, powers of the Commission and the penalties that can be put by it. Introduction The concept of having a legal system to regulate the competition in the market is very old;… Read More »

#BOYCOTT CHINA: Jingoism or A Step Towards Right Direction?

The prospective solution to our economic hurdles have been temporarily reinstated by the move to Boycott China and determine a sense of responsibility in the right direction. As the tensions between India and China escalate at the border, the national sentiment sways towards boycotting China economically in the form of a ban on Chinese products and Chinese enterprises… Read More »

Power To The People: Online Debate Competition | SLS Hyderabad

About Power To The People Online Oxford Union Format Debate Competition The Literary and Debate Society of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad is organizing its first edition of ‘Power to the People’, an Oxford Union Format Debate which is an online debate competition with a twist. The main objective of the event is to provide a platform for students to voice… Read More »