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Stepping Stones to Success for A Young Litigator | By Meenakshy Natesan

This article ‘Stepping Stones to Success for A Young Litigator’ provides 5 important pointers for a young litigator stepping into litigation. Introduction As you don your court, band, and gown and set foot into the court corridors, you might find yourself overwhelmed and confused as to what baby steps you should be taking to find a foothold in… Read More »

How To Become A Lawyer In The US? – Complete Guide For You

Becoming a successful lawyer is everybody’s dream. And getting into a good law school in the Us is really a new trend of education. Because in 2021, the demand for legal consultants is increasing. For every aspect of the present social life, the demand for legal consultants is increasing. Like the different legal issues, different types of lawyers… Read More »

The Contemporary Debate Around Dilution of Indra Sawhney

This article by Shubham Gupta deals with the contemporary debate around the dilution of Indra Sawhney and the failure of the Indian Reservation Setup. Introduction Reservation has always been a highly emotive subject. Reservation and its magnitude had been a matter of debate for the Constituent Assembly and have continued to be so for Parliament and the Courts.… Read More »

4 Tips for a Novice Lawyer

Practice makes perfect, and everyone can use this rule for everything. For example, professionals in sports betting win much more often than newcomers. The same thing about lawyers. If you are a novice one, then these tips will help you improve your skills. Communicate With More Experienced Colleagues as You Would With Clients A novice lawyer’s job is… Read More »

Limited Government in India | Explained

Limited government feature in a state keeps the powers of the state in check. Modern countries have been structured into organs namely executive, legislature, and judiciary, with the common notions that the powers between these organs be divided and separated to avoid perversion of power. A genuine democracy consists of constitutions with legal and political organs by which… Read More »

IDIA Kerala Chapter presents Essay Writing Competition on COVID-19 and IPR

The IDIA Kerala Chapter is hosting an essay writing competition on COVID-19 and IPR. The competition is open to students pursuing under-graduation from any recognised University in India. About IDIA Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) started as a student-run movement in 2010 from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. Founded by Prof. (Dr.)… Read More »

Non Compete Clause – Validity and Enforceability

I. Introduction A non compete clause is well defined in contract law as a clause that is written into any deal between two parties, one of which is the employer and the other the employee. Due to the presence of this non-compete condition, the employee undertakes and accepts the employer’s condition that he will not be a rival… Read More »

COURTROOM LEGENDS Valedictory Session: Demystifying the Freedom of Speech & Expression | Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

Debate & Discussions Society, CLC, DU is organising the Keynote Series “COURTROOM LEGENDS Valedictory Session” on the topic “Demystifying the Freedom of Speech & Expression“. Mr. Tushar Mehta will be delivering a Keynote in the session. About COURTROOM LEGENDS Courtroom Legends – Keynote Series, is an initiative by Debate & Discussions Society, where you get to learn and… Read More »