Cyberfeminism: Rooted in breaking the binary & reclaiming space

Cyberfeminism intends to empower women by making them assured while reclaiming space around them as it is another extension of the feminist theory and practice. Beginning from the premise that women have the right to social, political and economic equality and the fact that feminist theory and practice is essential in exposing and disrupting the sexist, racist, heterosexist, classist, and ableist… Read More »

How Fast Can I Write a College Essay Using Qualified Custom Essay Writing Service? Find Out from This Review

“How can I managed to linger the schedule to complete my essay in time?” or “Damn it! Only a day left to prepare my university paper!”. Apparently, these phrases you used to say when several hours left for your assignment submission deadline. Maybe, the reason is procrastination influence or sticking to a favorite movie watching or just chilling… Read More »

Common Myths about Online Gambling and its Legal Status

Gambling, both in its online and land-based form is one of the most popular activities known to mankind. With the advances in technology, online casinos have mushroomed and their popularity has soared with time. The convenience of gambling from the comfort of your home to attractive bonuses and a wide range of themes and games to choose from,… Read More »

NMIMS Indore 1st National Debate Competition

About NMIMS Indore 1st National Debate Competition Truth is discovered and assimilated or realized by debates and discussions – Ancient Indian Philosophy of Vadashastra. With the advancement in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – the world is more accessible and connected than ever before. The continuous revolution in this particular domain along with its huge networks and social… Read More »

What’s at stake for law students? A plan almost Perfect!

What’s at stake for law students? A plan almost Perfect! Starting from learning the difference between an act and an Act, to interpreting statutes by ourselves, we all grew up. Time-bound assignments to moot court activities though seem a little intimidating, but those were the opportunities that helped to unravel our bold, vivacious character, only to fall in… Read More »

Rare Diseases in India: Analysis of Laws and Policies

Introduction The lacuna of proper regulation in a particular aspect such as rare diseases can be distressing for that particular group of aggrieved people who fall prey to the diabolical diseases. The occurrence of such diseases is scarce. The treatment of most of them for which the treatment is available is very costly and the price of treatment… Read More »

Fundamental Duties: Concept, Importance and Relation

This article aims to present an overview of the Fundamental Duties of Indian citizens. Our country has the lengthiest written constitution in the world. The Fundamental Duties are a part of our constitution through Article 51-A of Part IV- A. The three pillars of the State – the legislature, the judiciary and the executive cannot work in isolation… Read More »

Federalism in India: Unitary, Quasi, Cooperative, Competitive

Federalism is a method of segregating powers so that the central and local governments are each within a domain, harmonizing and autonomous. I. Meaning of the word ‘Federal’ and ‘Federalism’ The term “federal” is derived from the Latin foedus, which means, “covenant”. Therefore, the idea of federalism embodies in itself the ideas of promise, obligation, and undertaking; and hence, the federal… Read More »

Difference between lease and license

The article brings forward the concept of lease and license in a very simple language so that it is easy to understand not only the technicalities hidden in the concept but also the difference between the concepts. It seems as if these concepts are overlapping but there exists a lot of difference between them and hence, it becomes… Read More »