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1st National Article Writing Competition on Human Rights

1st National Essay Writing Competition on Human Rights by Amity Law School in collaboration with Udhvik Asha Welfare Foundation, Indian Lawyers Association, and Legal Bites. About 1st National Article Writing Competition on Human Rights Amity Law School announces the 1st National Essay Writing Competition on Human Rights: Contemporary Issues & Challenges. Scope and meaning of Human Rights discourse… Read More »

Protection of Environment in the Ancient Indian and Medieval Period

This article discusses the protection of the environment in the ancient Indian and Medieval period by analysing ancient human history and how sustainable development and environmental protection was reflected through the lives and activities of human beings. The discovery of various documents in the early period builds a nexus between forests, natural resources and living beings. Indian texts… Read More »

Nullity of Marriage under Hindu Law | Explained

This article deals with the nullity of marriage under Hindu law, grounds of invalidity, and effect on marriage. The term nullity, lexically, means null and void, i.e. something that has no value in the eyes of the law. The nullity of marriage is a situation under which a marriage becomes void and has no standing in a court… Read More »

How to Help with Student Homelessness: Tips from Experts

The problems of student homelessness have acquired a threatening character since the number of street people is growing steadily from year to year. This phenomenon implies the need for an in-depth study of all the factors that determine the involvement of students in street life in a local context. It should be noted that some students are involved… Read More »

Evolution and History of Hindu Marriage

Introduction This article deals with the evolution and history of Hindu Marriage in Indian society. It is divided into several sections for better understanding. The historical point of view from the nomadic lifestyle to the present laws and relevant provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act has also been covered within this article. Different types of marriages, across civilizations,… Read More »

Sisyphean Approach Towards Implementation of Uniform Civil Code

Introduction Uniform Civil Code is one of the most controversial contemporary topics in the Indian political and legal storyline. When the Constitution of India was being adopted, the idea for the implementation of Uniform Civil Code was considered by the constituent assembly, but at that time retention of separate personal laws for separate communities was endorsed, as the makers… Read More »

Internship Opportunity: Researcher & Content Curator | AgriZigri

About AgriZigri AgriZigri is a community of agriculturists, farmers, scientists, research scholars, and lawyers who share their views on various profitable methods of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fishery, etc. AgriZigri provides an open and thriving platform to the farmers where they can learn about various profitable farming methodologies. We help farmers with their queries related to farming as well… Read More »

Kinds of disputes that family lawyers can help to settle

Kinds of disputes that family lawyers can help to settle Family members facing some issues that need legal settlement must take help from family lawyers. The problems could include divorce, child custody and support, guardianship, and family business. The lawyers at Strategic Family Lawyers Townsville[1] often mediate between the parties involved to resolve any family disagreement. Whenever a… Read More »

Call for Papers: NLSIU’s Indian Journal of Law & Technology Vol 17

NLSIU’s Indian Journal of Law & Technology (IJLT) is now accepting submissions for Volume 17. Please send in your submissions before October 31, 2020, in order for them to be considered. About NLSIU’s Indian Journal of Law & Technology (IJLT) The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT)is a student-edited, peer-reviewed, completely open access law journal published annually… Read More »