Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

The casino industry is highly profitable in most countries including the US and the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. In India, it’s recently emerged on the surface, all thanks to the introduction of online casinos. This is because most casinos games didn’t exist here before because of government restrictions which by the way, are applicable even today. Today,… Read More »

Concept of Securities and Investment Law

Investment The term ‘Investment’ can be described in various ways as per different principles and theories. Typically, the application of assets or money with the expectation that it would generate or appreciate more income in future is known as investment. According to various economics, an investment can be defined as utilizing resources in such a manner that increases… Read More »

Insider Trading

Besides the prohibition against unauthorised communication of inside information or insider trading, it is also sought by PIT Regulations to prevent the same and the model codes have been prescribed for prevention of insider trading for the listed companies as well as other organisations, which are associated with the securities market. Introduction Insider Trading is prohibited activity by… Read More »