Here's a list of 10 Most Useful Websites for Law Students that aids 'Quality Legal Education' in today's times. These websites have diversified and intensified their reach and that was made possible only because of technology.

Here's a list of 10 Most Useful Websites for Law Students that aids 'Quality Legal Education' in today's times. These websites have diversified and intensified their reach, and that was made possible only because of technology. The impact of technology can also be seen in the field of legal education, which has expanded its access to information and knowledge and brought unlimited opportunities catering to a section of students larger than ever.

The advancement in the use of technology in imparting legal education has played an important role in making legal education accessible to remote areas. With a click on your mobile device, a large number of opportunities can be availed by students anywhere. From learning about the subjects of law to keeping oneself updated with the current legal events in the country and abroad, it has all been made easy.

10 Most Useful Websites for Law Students

The 'learn-from home' culture has provided a new perspective to the students where without spending a lot of money, students can avail all kinds of information on their screens. There are numerous websites catering to the legal needs of the fraternity of law students making their journey through law school and the beyond quite convenient and fun. Here are our list 10 Most Useful Websites for Law Students:

1. Legal Bites

Go to and get access to humungous reading materials, notes for the law subjects in the curriculum, exciting quizzes, case analysis of various landmark judgments, and much more. Legal Bites caters to a large section of students who are preparing for competitive exams like the Judicial Services and Additional Public Prosecutor, CLAT UG/PG, DU LLM, etc. It also notifies the students regarding the upcoming exams and events organized. On this platform, students can avail of the services for a minimum subscription fee of Rs. 3 per day, making it only Rs. 949 per year, which makes Legal Bites one of the most affordable platforms for students.

Legal Bites aims to make legal education accessible to students from all walks of life and therefore keeping in mind the needs of the students has made learning law a fun experience with educational videos created by experts on the subjects, quizzes that are daily posted on the telegram channel of Legal Bites, other engaging content. The fact that assessment is equally important as learning, and keeping in mind Law Aspirants provides unique assessment methods which are personalized to suit each students learning style. Legal Bites is also your notifications portal which will notify you of all the legal news you need to keep yourself updated with in the form of Daily Bites.

2. Law Octopus is a pertinent legal domain for the students of law, providing information regarding different domains of law like internships, jobs, and internship experiences in different firms, which are written by people who have had real-time experience and yearly landmark judgments. Academic, their research publishing domain has articles published on contemporaneous legal issues in the country. Student can find their area of interest and, research it, submit it for publication.

It also provides students with courses on topics like, 'Online Moot Course and Competition', Online Certificate Course on Consumer law and practice'. The charges are minimum for the courses rendering them quite affordable.

3. Live Law is a comprehensive Legal News Portal covering Indian Courts, Lawyers, Law Firms, and Legal Developments in India. Independent legal journalism is encouraged by Live Law and endeavours to bring transparency in legal reporting without lowering the supremacy of law. It gives students live updates of the current legal happenings straight from the courtrooms. The 'columns' of live law have well-researched articles covering diverse national and international legal developments.

It also publishes interviews with prominent legal personalities that can give students an insight into the legal world. It provides a weekly roundup of important legal developments in the country and you can access videos where such weekly round-ups are explained. It is free for students who read it diligently every day but, for accessing older posts subscription of Rs. 1499/year is required.

4. Manupatra is an online database platform designed for facilitating legal research & offers learning resources online. Students can find everything on Manupatra ranging from judgments of Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals and Commissions, International database, Bare Acts and statutes, Bills, Drafts, Ordinances, and much more. The annual subscription plan starts from Rs. 7500/-.

Manupatra Academic which is purely for students offers free resources like subject-wise cases on the relevant sections of the act for ready reference, subject-wise case books, articles on varied subjects, conventions and treaties, legal phrases and maxims, e-books which can be accessed free of cost. There are videos wherein the students can know more about the importance of research in the Legal Field and can also learn things like how to read a judgment and how to find one effectively.

5. Bar & Bench

Legal news portal is on the online legal domain for legal news providing the gist of judgments, updated information columns, and interviews. An important feature of Bar & Bench is that it is also available in Hindi, making it bilingual and accessible to students who are more comfortable in Hindi. It focuses mainly on the news.

The yearly subscription of Rs. 3000 opens access to students to their archival content from the last 11 years. One can keep oneself abreast with the latest news pertaining to the legal world, whether it be judgments passed by the Supreme Courts and High Courts, legislation enacted by the government, perspectives on the working of law firms and the corporate world as well as developments in the field of legal education.

6. SCC Online

SCC being the most cited law report by the Supreme Court of India, has its online portal at, which offers law students vast resources from judgments to journals and EBC reading materials. It will be helpful for the students who are into core research.

The subscription to the platinum web edition is Rs. 27,000 per year. It will get you access to Indian Case Laws from the Apex Court to all the High Courts, Historical Courts, Tribunals and Commissions, Indian Statutory Law, Reports of Commissions & Committees, Constituent Assembly Debates and Articles from 40+ Top Legal Journals. SCC Online Blog is students friendly and provides students with articles on contemporary legal issues and also summarised versions of Supreme Court Weekly Roundup.

7. iPleaders apart from providing legal vast legal material on different issues of law also offers diplomas and courses like the course on Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws Diploma, training material for Bar Exams for the AIBE. Articles are wide-ranging, from how to build your career in law to many articles exploring careers in different legal fields, the importance of academic research, etc. It also conducts blog writing competitions where students can submit their articles and win exciting prizes.

8. Law Sikho is a legal education company that provides advanced and practical legal courses in the form of video lessons form and an e-library that can help students learn to speed up their professional development and career progression by offering vast e-resources. The courses offered to provide practical knowledge beyond what is taught in law schools and help them develop practical legal knowledge and skills.

Not just that, Law Sikho offers test-prep courses for the Bar exam, judiciary, and CLAT. The courses can help one learn drafting skills, prepare negotiation strategy, draft advisory notes or memos, different types of plaint. The courses are diverse, ranging from Certificate programs to International Paralegal work, IPR Law, Technology Law, Trial Advocacy, etc.

9. Lex Warrier is an online law journal which is an Open Access peer-reviewed academic e-journal that publishes research articles, comments on case laws and legislations, opinions on contemporary legal issues, book reviews on broad legal topics with special emphasis on matters concerning contemporary development in the legal system. There are general articles for students explaining various legal aspects in simple language. Lex-Warrier also publishes details of various events like call for papers, seminars, conferences, competitions, etc.

10. Law Times Journal provides peer-reviewed content which could be beneficial for the students free of cost and can access weekly legal highlights, internship vacancies, job vacancies, details of current important events in the legal world like seminars or talks organized by different colleges and organizations, common legal queries explained in simple language like how to register cyber crime complaint, who is surety in a criminal case, case summaries of important judgments, important legal maxims and articles on different legal issues, etc. The students can also avail themselves of the opportunity of interning with the law times journal and get their articles published on their websites.


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Isn't technology proving to be a boon for the legal fraternity and especially for the students where vast resources are accessible without any delay facilitating students with their daily tasks, projects, assignments, other allied research work and catering to them for their future by providing them ample amount of sources for different exams and help them ace it. Of course, it is a flood of resources and one may tend to get a little buzzed as to where to go and what to rely on. We suggest you explore these websites (10 Most Useful Websites for Law Students) and choose for yourself what suits your specific needs and when. Happy Learning friends!

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