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Administrative law is the law relating to the administration. It determines the organization, powers and duties of administrative authorities. Read law notes on Legal Bites.

Reasons for Growth of Administrative Tribunals

ABSTRACT This article talks about the reasons for the growth of administrative tribunals. It is necessary to understand the emergence of administrative tribunals and its origins and evolution to understand the reasons for its growth and need. Administrative tribunals in India is also one of the sub-topics that the article talks in brief about. INTRODUCTION The developments in… Read More »

Structures, Powers And Procedure of Administrative Tribunals

ABSTRACT This article talks about the Structure, Powers and Procedures of Administrative Tribunals in India that were established under article 323A and 323B. It also talks about the features and reasons for the formation of Central Administrative Tribunals under the Administrative Tribunals Act. INTRODUCTION “Administrative law implies that branch of modern law under which the executive department of… Read More »

Advantages of Tribunals

ABSTRACT This article talks about the various Advantages of Tribunals that make them preferred over the ordinary Courts in cases where they have jurisdiction. Administrative tribunals although are bodies with sub-delegated powers from the judiciary and do not have as wide powers and scope as other Courts but have come to become a lucrative and highly favoured option… Read More »

Salient Features of Administrative Tribunals

ABSTRACT This article talks about the salient features of the Administrative tribunals. It talks about the inception, the changes and the main characteristics and nature of the administrative tribunals that came through various Committees, Acts and Amendments. Then it talks about the various constitutional provisions that equip the Administrative tribunals in the Constitution of India. INTRODUCTION Administrative tribunals… Read More »

Control Mechanism Of Administrative Rule-Making Power

Administrative rulemaking is the functions and actions performed by administrative agencies. IN both national and state levels, the administrative agencies aim to reform procedures and provide legislative supervision and guidance. In spite of there not being a Constitutional requirement for having rigid controls on the administrative rulemaking, but when delegating these powers, it is usually laid down by… Read More »

Need, Permissible Limit and Classification of Administrative Rule Making Power

ABSTRACT This article talks about the need, permissible limit and the classification of administrative rulemaking powers. Administrative rulemaking refers to the powers conferred to the administrative agencies and individuals that perform the administrative functions of the government. Administrative rulemaking has become as good as another branch of the government, due to the evolution of the state from a… Read More »

Nature and Source of Administrative Rulemaking Power

ABSTRACT This article talks about the nature and sources of administrative rulemaking power. It begins with the emergence of administrative rulemaking power and its differentiation with administrative adjudication. Then moving on to its nature in brief and finally the sources from where administrative power is acquired. INTRODUCTION As the world started developing and growing and incorporating various complexities… Read More »