Legal Bites brings to you Law of Arbitration and Conciliation Mains Questions Series Part-I.

Legal Bites brings to you Law of Arbitration and Conciliation Mains Questions Series Part-I. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students in preparing for Judiciary and University Exams. The list of questions curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them good practice for their aptitude and knowledge.

We know answer writing is a continuous exercise that is an inalienable part of the preparation process for any Examination. A well-written answer not only reflects the knowledge of an aspirant but also his/her ability to tailor the content in a manner suited to meet the expectations of the question.

Rigorous preparation for this exam is mandatory in order to crack it. In the last few months prior to the exams, it is sufficient for candidates to simply keep practising these questions in order to gain mastery over the subjects studied. Not only the candidate’s confidence level but also their scores will show good improvement upon following it.

Law of Arbitration and Conciliation Mains Question Answer Series 1: Important Questions for Judiciary Exams | Part – I

Question 1

Write short note on Arbitration agreement. [BJS 2018]

Question 2

Write note on the following:

(i) Arbitration proceedings

(ii) Conciliation proceedings. [BJS 2017]

Question 3

What matters can be referred to an arbitrator? [BJS 2000]

Question 4

What are the powers of court for granting interim relief to the parties in respect of arbitration? [BJS 2011]

Question 5

In what case the court is bound to refer dispute for arbitration? [RJS 1986]

Question 6

Define an arbitration agreement. Distinguish between arbitration agreement and agreement for expert determination. [JJS 2014]

Question 7

What do you understand by an arbitration agreement? Do you think that an oral arbitration agreement is also valid. [BJS 1986]

Question 8

Can a court order an arbitration agreement to be filed and refer to arbitration a dispute between the parties where there is no suit pending in the Court? What condition must be fulfilled to make such an order? [BJS 1979]

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