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It’s time to change – wake up Indian Universities

It’s time to change – wake up Indian Universities Indian higher education sector is at a precarious position. It is because there is a conceptual difference in the motive to join a university between the students in a developed country and a developing country. In developed countries students join universities in quest of knowledge and to further their… Read More »

12 life hacks we can learn from Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter known as the ‘best closer’ in the city, is one hell of a lawyer. He has built his career and life around one thing: winning. He’s the picture of professional success. Harvey Specter is not only a super psychoanalyst or clergyman; as an action-taking lawyer clubbed with business-mind, who gets things done, he’s an amazing textbook.… Read More »

Law Commission seeks public views on uniform code

In an accompanying questionnaire, the Commission has asked whether the existing personal laws and customary practices need codification. Amid a raging debate on uniform civil code, the law panel has sought public views on the subject to revise and reform family laws, saying the aim is to address social injustice rather than plurality of laws. In an appeal… Read More »

Career Advice

Why law? Why law – India is such a place, where maximum parents want their wards to come out with Engineering or a Medical degree. Well, here is a fact that needs to be known that 1.5 Million of Engineers graduates every year and 20-33% out of the 1.5 million engineering graduates passing out run the risk of not… Read More »

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