Candidates preparing for Bihar Judicial Services Exam should solve the Bihar Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 (Elementary General Science).

Candidates preparing for Bihar Judicial Services Exam should solve the Bihar Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 (Elementary General Science) and other previous year question papers before they face Prelims and Mains.

It also gives an idea about the syllabus and how to prepare the subjects by keeping the previous year's questions in mind. All toppers are mindful and cognizant of the types of questions asked by the BJS, to be aware of the various tricks and types of questions. This should be done by every aspirant when starting their preparation. It is very important to have an overall understanding of the pattern and design of questions.

Bihar Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 Previous Year Paper (Elementary General Science)

Only practising the authentic question papers will give you a real feel of the pattern and style of the questions. Here's Bihar Judicial Services Exam Mains 2023 Previous Year Paper (Elementary General Science).

Bihar Judicial Services Mains Written Examination 2023
Elementary General Science

Paper: Elementary General Science

Time: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Marks are indicated against each question

There are five Sections in the question paper. Answer one question from each Section

Question 1

Define the following: (2*10=20)

(a) Fuel gas

(b) Abiotic components

(c) Photosynthesis

(d) Covalent bonds

(e) Respiration

(f) Reproduction

(g) Boiling point

(h) Fermentation

(i) Myopia

(j) Ozone layer depletion

Question 2

Differentiate between the following: (4*5=20)

(a) Fertilizer and Organic manure

(b) Isotope and Isobar

(c) Reflex action and Reflex arc

(d) Antigen and Antibody

(e) Vitamins and Minerals

Section - B

Question 3

Answer the following: (2*10=20)

(a) Why does the sun appear red during sunrise and sunset?

(b) Why do we wear white clothes in summer?

(c) What do you mean by structural isomers?

(d) What is ecosystem?

(e) Why should curd and sour substances not be kept in the container made up of brass or copper?

(f) What are the applications of human tongue? HI-1 ci fUT .q=z1T 31:Rh-ri -g ?

(g) What is RT-PCR technique?

(h) What are metalloids?

(i) What are compounds?

(j) What is nucleus?

Question 4

Give reasons of the following: (4*5=20)

(a) Aluminium foils are used to wrap food Items.

(b) Rainbow is seen in the sky after rains.

(c) Body becomes more active during anger and fear.

(d) Sodium is kept immersed in kerosene.

(e) Pickle is always kept in glass jar.

Section - C

Question 5

Write brief answers of the following (4*5=20)

(a) What is global warming?

(b) What is ex situ conservation?

(c) what is the function of receptor in our body?

(d) What is organic farming?

(e) Write various types of vitamins and diseases with their deficiency.

Question 6

Fill in the blanks: (2*10=20)

(a) ------------ material is present in tears.

(b) The filament of bulb is made up of --------------

(c) Rust in iron is due to --------------

(d) The powerhouse of the cell is -------------

(e) Mendel proposed the law of --------------

(f) Vinegar contains ----------------

(g) -------------- is the main constituent of biogas.

(h) Bronze is the alloy of ----------- and -------------

(i) 1 micrometre = ---------------- centimetre.

(j) -------------- is known as laughing gas.

Section D

Question 7

Name the scientists who discovered the following (2*10=20)

(a) Streptomycin

(b) Cell theory

(c) DNA

(d) Blackhole

(e) Periodic Table

(f) Cells

(g) Oral Polio Vaccine

(h) Microscope

(i) Law of inheritance

(j) Vaccination

Question 8

Explain the following: (4*5=20)

(a) The sky appears blue.

(b) Fuse wire protects electrical appliances.

(c) A drop of liquid without external force is spherical in shape.

(d) In humans, the blood pressure is higher at the feet than at the brain.

(e) Modem is used in between telephone line and computer for data transfer.

Section E

Question 9

Why do/does/is- (4*5=20)

(a) ice cubes stick together if they are rubbed against each other;

(b) we see only one side of the moon always;

(c) series arrangement not used for domestic circuit;

(d) we require vitamins;

(e) person not drown in Dead Sea

Question 10

What happens, when (4*5=20)

(a) white blood cells are high;

(b) carbon dioxide is flowing through limewater for less time;

(c) decomposer is removed from the food chain;

(d) glycerine comes in contact with potassium permanganate

(e) cloth is washed with hard water?

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