Rajasthan Judiciary 2024 Prelims Mock Tests schedule released! Enroll today for comprehensive practice. Free previous year papers available for download.

Welcome to Legal Bites, your one-stop solution for legal studies. We are thrilled to share with you our collection of Rajasthan Judiciary's previous years papers. These papers are available for free download and are an invaluable resource for all Law Aspirants.

Rajasthan Judiciary Prelims Test Series

We are also offering an opportunity to enroll in our Rajasthan Judiciary Prelims Test series. This comprehensive practice tool has been meticulously prepared by our faculty experts to provide you with the best preparation experience.

Mock Test Schedule

Our mock tests are designed to give you a real-time experience of the judiciary prelims. Here is the schedule for the upcoming mock tests:

  • Mock Test 1: 25th April 2024
  • Mock Test 2: 29th April 2024
  • Mock Test 3: 03rd May 2024
  • Mock Test 4: 07th May 2024
  • Mock Test 5: 11th May 2024
  • Mock Test 6: 15th May 2024
  • Mock Test 7: 19th May 2024
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Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Enroll today and take the first step towards your dream of becoming a Civil Judge in Rajasthan.

Prepare with Legal Bites

With the free previous year papers and our specially designed test series, you are well-equipped to begin your preparation. Remember, success is where preparation and opportunity meet. So, start preparing today!

We wish you all the best for your preparation and look forward to being a part of your success journey.

Rajasthan Judiciary Prelims Previous Year Papers Solved PDF

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