Through this book, Michelle Obama shared some of the most valuable lessons that can help a person in bringing a positive impact on their life.

"Becoming," an insightful autobiography by Michelle Obama, is a captivating exploration of her life, from her humble beginnings to her influential role in the White House. In this review, we'll delve into the key aspects of the book, uncovering valuable lessons that can resonate with readers on a personal level.

Book Overview:

Michelle Obama's narrative begins with a poignant depiction of her childhood, providing a unique perspective on the challenges faced by women of color in America. From her underprivileged background, she shares lessons learned through community service, instilled by her father. The book follows her journey through college, navigating a male-dominated society and embracing the transformative power of failure.

The later chapters explore Michelle's life after meeting Barack Obama, covering aspects of relationships, parenthood, and personal loss. A highlight is her resilience in overcoming grief, especially after the loss of her best friend, Suzzanne. Michelle's dedication to family amidst the challenges of being a working mother offers readers a crucial lesson in balancing personal and professional life.

Political Journey

The book takes a turn towards the political struggle of Barack Obama's presidency and Michelle's experiences at the White House. Addressing the racial stereotypes and backlash faced during campaigns, Michelle's courage and wisdom shine through. The book sheds light on her efforts to prioritize family and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the demands of being a public figure.


In conclusion, "Becoming" is a remarkable literary work by one of the world's most influential women. Readers are encouraged to explore Michelle Obama's journey, gaining insights into the nuances and difficulties she faced. The book imparts invaluable lessons on courage, optimism, kindness, and humbleness – qualities that can inspire positive transformations in the lives of its readers.

Embark on Michelle Obama's inspirational journey through "Becoming," and discover a wealth of wisdom that transcends the pages, leaving a lasting impact on your own life.

Updated On 22 Feb 2024 2:51 AM GMT
Gangireddy Spoorthi

Gangireddy Spoorthi

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