Within the pages of 'Life is What You Make It,' Preeti Shenoy weaves a narrative that transcends literature — it's a roadmap for resilience and self-discovery.

'Within the pages of 'Life is What You Make It,' Preeti Shenoy weaves a narrative that transcends literature—it's a roadmap for resilience and self-discovery. With each word, discover the power to shape your destiny, overcome challenges, and celebrate the ordinary as extraordinary.

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Author: Preeti Shenoy

Book Name: Life is What You Make It

First Published: 1st January 2011

Language: English

Pages: 224 pages

This book's interesting and inspiring quality is the real meaning of life and the motivation behind living your life in the manner you want to. This book teaches you how you can curb difficult situations with the help of your family, friends and mentors like the character mentioned in this book Dr Madhusudan.

In a life full of ups and downs, challenges, difficulties, motivation and willpower are very important to keep you up. In a society where having mental health issues and people are constantly ignoring it and giving it a name as a bane, this book is like a boon.


Life is what you make it: Ankita, the story's main character, is a woman in her twenties plagued by unresolved personal concerns. The narrative starts with her attending school in a town where she develops romantic feelings for Abhi and Vaibhav.

She wanted to live her life to the fullest and explore everything in the world, make her parents proud, fall in love, become successful and have a peaceful life journey. But like any other normal human being her life was full of challenges, difficulties, frustration, trauma, anxiety, depression and fear.

Readers have characterized it as a work that shows how love, hope, and willpower can triumph over fate. The story of a few pivotal years in the protagonist's life is compelling. The protagonist of the book is Ankita, a twentysomething woman whose past keeps coming back to her in vivid dreams. She undergoes a transition from adolescence to womanhood in her mid-20s, navigating diverse circumstances, engaging in relationships with several men, and facing setbacks as her parents struggle to accept her circumstances.

Ankita experiences constant changes in her life, which eventually leads to the development of bipolar disorder. Ankita's decisions, perseverance, hardships, and self-belief are central to the narrative. The book does a fantastic job of describing how she comes to terms with her bipolar disease, how she decides to take care of herself, and how she handles these circumstances on her own.

What will you learn from this book?

  • How to keep calm
  • How to stay focused and motivated
  • Don't ignore your mental health
  • Prioritise your dreams over wasting your time
  • Set your goals and work accordingly
  • Appreciate your efforts also accept in case of commitment of mistakes
  • Find a mentor for proper guidance, Seek for help and support

We can read that the character of Ankita is surrounded by so many things, some positive and some negative but all that matters is her journey from a happy girl to a mental patient fighting with depression, anxiety, guilt, and stress and ends the again normal life because of some extraordinary people like her doctor, parents, positive surrounding.

The touching tale of a young child who overcomes all obstacles after her familiar life is upended, if your ideal existence were shattered, how would you respond?

A compelling story of the years that transformed young Ankita Sharma's life, Life Is What You Make It is set in two places in India in the early 1980s. Ankita, who is attractive and intellectual, has everything she could want, including friends, a journey of college life, and acceptance into a top management school for her MBA. However, she ended up becoming a patient in a mental health facility six months later. How did she end up here, and can her life ever be her own again?

She lost everything that comprised her universe in some way, and now she has to fight like she has never had to to reclaim her proper place in the world.

This captivating tale of growing up's hardships, faith's power, and the unbreakable spirit is a motivational read for today's readers.


It is a work of fiction that Preeti Shenoy wrote. In essence, "Bipolar Disorder- A Mental Disorder Marked by Alternating Periods of Depression" is the only topic covered in the story. Ankita was once another young woman living in a traditional Cochin family (Karela). Vaibhav, Ankita's boyfriend, was accepted to IIT Delhi. Letters between Ankita and Vaibhav are displayed, along with Vaibhav's response. It's always good when you get vocal about the problems and difficulties you are facing. Because whatever you are thinking or panicking about anything it would be very helpful or relieving if you share it with someone or close ones.

Vaishnavi Parate

Vaishnavi Parate

Vaishnavi is a Human Rights Activist at All India Human Rights Association. She is currently pursuing an L.LM. in Criminal Law.

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