The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a self-help book on how to harness the subconscious mind for personal growth and success in various aspects of life.

'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' by Dr. Joseph Murphy is a groundbreaking book that looks into the hidden potential of our subconscious mind and gives useful methods to tap into its power for good changes.


The book 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' is filled with captivating stories that illustrate how our subconscious mind influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Dr. Murphy stresses how important it is to think and use affirmations helping readers to rewire their subconscious mind to draw in success, joy, and plenty.

The book is a life-altering tool that can help readers break away from beliefs that hold them back and reach their goals.

It's a must-read for anyone who wants to better themselves and grow as a person. The methods given are easy but work well making it key reading for anyone looking to improve themselves.

Silent Working of the Sub-conscious

Sub-consciousness used in the sense of the psychological process that takes place in every personality is useful for success and attaining the goal and objectives that have been laid down. This is the process of steering concerns such as breathing, the beating of the heart, circulation and several other things that go on in a person’s life automatically. Here, an idea is sown in the heart without the knowledge so that our desires are fulfilled by the subconscious mind.

Consequently, to create a response for ‘become the wealthiest and the most successful person’, we have to set a goal and then communicate the message to the subconscious. This will help the subconscious mind to drive actions as well as the entire physique thus helping to achieve set goals.

While the rational and the evaluative part or the part that attempts to know is within the area of consciousness and conscious control, the autonomic control is within the area of subconsciousness. Some critics have opined thus: While the conscious mind of man is said to have only 10% brain power, the subconscious mind has the remaining 90%.

Thus, individuals are likely to do well in the study as well as in their chosen career, in matters concerning the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Thus, to regain control of the subconscious mind, it is possible to let it act in benefit for the further achievement of agenda and daydreams.

Inner World and Outer World

The rational or the conscious mind uses the five senses and arrives at conclusions based on experience while the irrational or the subconscious mind acts according to beliefs, experience or habit. The subconscious mind is kind and can be compared to a huge ship where the conscious mind plays the role of a captain.

The subconscious mind carries out habit-making from neutral patterns of everyday thinking and so cannot be utilized for this purpose. To bring out your best or operate at optimum capacity, it is important to be able to communicate with the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Our life has two worlds: an inner world in which individuals reason and act, and an outer world in which they communicate with other people.

A lot of people respond negatively to the environment, but those who know inner and outer spaces and manage them themselves are successful in life. They are on cloud 9 and they rule their life.

The subconscious mind is therefore a powerful asset that one can use to succeed as well as to triumph over various odds. It works for our benefit more than we do; it works for us throughout especially when we are asleep. It is a proven fact that they can convince people, force us to crow like cock, beat in martial arts, and more by manipulating the subconscious level of our brains.

Techniques to Master

These thoughts are directed to the Subconscious mind and the latter responds to these thoughts originating from the Conscious mind. Both the meditation style and the goals-paint-on-wall type of effort pertain to visualization that requires clearing the mind and then picturing the desired goals.

For instance, Nicola Tesla would use to imagine inventions and switch between the working of a model of an invention that he was working on.

The mental movie method mostly applied in property selling entails satisfying oneself, selective attention such as the best property price, and relaxation. After dealing with your thoughts, proceed to imagine the Property Check part and feel happy and thankful for the Review.

When generous, the grateful person receives more than the check, and the message has not ceased to rewrite in the subliminal mind. Through such techniques, persons can obtain their objectives and succeed in several spheres of life.

Realisation and Virtualisation

This focus on the internal reality can prime an individual for certain feelings, and thus, aid in the perceiving of the external reality. Another factor that may have been important to attain the intended outcome includes the realization and visualization of the position at the end of the goal.

For instance, uttering words like, “I am rich,” or, “I create wealth vigorously,” will lead to achieving more ideas or dimes. However, there is an ongoing war between the conscious and the subconscious; thus, uttering affirmatives daily may help one in not telling a lie. Thus, the ability to attract more riches, success, and numerous other positive things in life would also be improved in the process.

However, it is perhaps time that one mentioned at all that while it might not be money that is the root of all evils then again it is not always used for all good. usage can be voluntary when it is required to conduct some kind of an action for others’ benefit, or involuntary when it is used for some unlawful purpose.

Going even further, electricity is good but as we have seen while working on this assignment electricity can be used for both good and not-so-good things. As used that defines its utility as being either beneficial or otherwise.

Referring to the arrow of information, money like everything can be utilised for a noble course or the opposite. One might not be able to build his/her income at all due to how he/she might perceive himself/herself as more of an employee rather than as a venture capitalist. This results in a predetermined income supply and an incessantly contributing income supply in the economy.

Subconscious Mind as a Partner in Success

Peace and love come from success in life, and you can reach it by partnering with your subconscious mind.

To succeed, the author recommends three steps:

1) Put your heart into work you enjoy even without pay.
2) Get good at something people need, because you won't succeed until you're an expert.
3) Keep in mind that success isn't just about you, but also about helping others succeed.

The author shares a story about Todd, a sixteen-year-old boy who felt like quitting school because he kept failing and had a bad attitude. To help Todd improve his grades, the author taught him to use his subconscious mind. He showed Todd an affirmation about having special abilities, like perfect memory and recall. This helped Todd study for tests, like his teachers more, and get good feedback from other students. Todd sent a follow-up email thanking the writer for their advice. He mentioned he now leads his class, gets help, and speaks well with others. By putting these three steps into practice, people can reach their goals and make a difference in the world.

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