National Law University, Jodhpur is making a call for papers for its 1st NLUJ-KHAITAN & CO Corporate Law Review Summit 2023 of its Journal on Corporate Law and Governance.

About the Event

The 1st NLUJ-Khaitan & Co Corporate Law Review Summit, 2023 organized by the Journal on Corporate law and Governance is being conducted in the form of a paper presentation in collaboration with the Reserve Bank of India, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, and SCC Online-EBC. It aims to bring together scholars, researchers, and professionals from many disciplines to exchange their perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogues.

About the Institution

National Law University, Jodhpur is an institution of national prominence established under the National Law University, Jodhpur Act, 1999 by Rajasthan State Legislation. The University is established for the advancement of learning, teaching, research and diffusion of knowledge in the field of law.

About the Journal

The Centre for Corporate Governance, affiliated with the National Law University, Jodhpur, focuses on developing governance standards for the corporate world through research. In 2008, they launched the bi-annual publication called the Journal on Governance (also known as the Journal on Corporate Law and Governance). This journal serves as a platform for comprehensive research on various corporate law topics, offering perspectives from both academia and the industry.

The Journal on Corporate Law & Governance is known for its exceptional research quality, thought-provoking ideas, and high academic standards. It undergoes a peer-review process and holds the ISSN serial publication No. 0976-0369. It is indexed in renowned legal databases such as SCC Online, Manupatra, and HeinOnline. The primary aim of the journal is to address challenges faced by the corporate world and propose viable solutions to aid regulatory and policy decisions.


Individuals desiring to take part in the Summit are encouraged to bring a diverse perspective to the subject matter, while also considering a wide range of issues related to commercial and corporate laws. The submissions should be contemporary and relevant, showcasing in-depth research and excellent scholarly standards. Additionally, authors are encouraged to employ diverse methodologies and ground their research in the analysis of existing judgements, legal documents and sources, or empirical data.

The indicative topics or areas that may be covered are:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insolvency Law
  • Investment Law and Foreign Investment
  • Securities Law
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fintech Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reverse Mergers
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cross Border Mergers
  • Digital Lending
  • ESG


The indicative sub-themes for the paper presentation are as follows:

  • Strengthening corporate governance in Financial Institutions*: Embracing the ‘G’ in ESG for Effective Corporate Governance.
*Banks / NBFCs
  • Unveiling the Financial Creditor's Role and Impact on Corporate Governance and Investor Stewardship.
  • Leveraging the FinTechs and BigTechs for digital transformation in financial services: Regulatory Framework and Approach.
  • Uncovering the Opportunities and Challenges of strengthening Corporate Governance for a greener financial sector.
  • Safeguarding the Skies: Exploring the Imperative for Tailored Legislation on Aviation Industry Insolvency.
  • The Legality of Disenfranchising Majority Shareholders: A Multidimensional Examination of Corporate Law and Constitutional Principles.
  • Unpacking the Presumption of Guilt Regime in India's Securities Law.
  • Balancing the Scales: Freezeout Mergers and Burden of Proof in Indian Corporate Law.
  • Implications of SEBI's Recent Consultation Paper on Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI): Assessing its Effectiveness and Challenges.
  • Raising the Bar for Statutory Auditors: Implications on Corporate Governance and Accountability in Financial Reporting.
Please note that the list of sub-themes is merely suggestive and non-exhaustive in nature.


The Journal invites academicians, practitioners, and students of law pursuing their LL.B. (Hons.)/LL.B./LL.M. from any recognized university to submit their entries.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please note that the submissions must conform to the following requirements:
  • The author(s) may contribute to the Journal in the form of Articles, Notes, Comments, and Case Analysis.
  • The acceptable length of Articles is > 4500 words, and of Notes, Comments & Case Analysis is between 3000-4500 words, including footnotes.
  • All submissions must include an abstract of not more than 300 words, explaining the main idea, the objective of the article, and the conclusions drawn from it.
  • Each submission may have a maximum of two authors.
  • The manuscript should be on A4-sized paper, in Garamond, font size 12, 1.15 line Spacing, justified and 1-inch margins on each side. Footnotes should be in Garamond, font size 10, and with single line spacing.
  • The Authors must conform to the Bluebook (20th edition) Uniform System of Citation. Please refer to the guide to Bluebook (20th edition) here.
  • The Manuscript should not contain any identification of the author/s, which shall be a ground for rejection of the submission. Authors should provide their contact details, designation, institutional affiliation and address in the covering letter for the submission.
  • The submission must be the original work of the authors. Any form of plagiarism will lead to direct rejection.
  • The relevant sources should be duly acknowledged as footnotes. The decision of the Editorial Board in this regard shall be final.

How to Submit?

  • Authors are requested to send an electronic version of their manuscripts .doc or .docx format to with the subject as “Submission - [Name of Author] – Paper Presentation 2023”.
  • The document name must be in the following format “[Name of Author(s)] – [Title of submission].”
  • The e-mail must contain a covering letter providing the contact details, designation, institutional affiliation and address of the authors.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for receipt of submissions is August 8, 2023.


  • The winner(s) shall receive a cash prize of INR 20,000; internship opportunities with Khaitan & Co and SCC-Online; along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The first runner(s)-up shall receive a cash prize of INR 15,000; an internship with Khaitan & Co; along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The second runner(s)-up shall receive a cash prize of INR 10,000 along with certificate(s) of merit.
  • The top six entries will be published in the upcoming volume of the Journal (Vol. VI, Issue 2).
  • The top 10 entries shall receive a certificate of merit from the organizers.
  • All the entries shall receive a certificate of participation.
*Please note that the internal policies of Khaitan & Co and SCC-Online will apply in awarding the internships and they reserve the right to the final decision.


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All queries may be addressed to the Editorial Board at

  • Ojasav Chitranshi (Editor-in-Chief)


Ph: +91-83033 80203

  • Deesha Reshmi (Editor-in-Chief)


Ph: +91-8050210893

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