Centre for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE) is inviting submissions for its upcoming Book on Smart Financial Market. Scroll down for more details!

Centre for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE) is inviting submissions for its upcoming Book on Smart Financial Market: AI and Future of Banking.

About Centre for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE)

The Centre for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE) is a pioneering institution dedicated to the advancement of academic research and quality legal education. CARE is driven by a clear and resolute mission to promote academic research and education. Its motto, “Promoting Academic Research and Education” encapsulates its unwavering commitment to empower scholars, researchers, students and legal professionals in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

CARE is recognised as a Special Academic Center under the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). This recognition reaffirms our commitment to the principles of the UNAI, aligning our efforts with the broader global agenda for higher education, research and societal impact.

CARE’s mission is to facilitate and nurture a culture of rigorous academic research, legal scholarship and promote educational excellence. Its vision is to become a global hub for legal academia, recognised for its contributions to evolving jurisprudence and fostering a community of scholars committed to academic research and legal education.


  • Potential of AI in Banking and Finance
  • Role of FinTech Companies in Banking and Finance
  • Transition from traditional banking to digital banking
  • Role of technology in shaping modern banking
  • AI Technologies Transforming Banking
  • Applications of AI in banking: fraud detection, customer service, risk management
  • AI-Driven Financial Market Analysis
  • Algorithms used for stock market predictions and trading.
  • Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management
  • Future trends in AI and wealth management
  • AI applications in regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering (AML)
  • AI's role in enhancing customer experience in banking.
  • Personalized banking services through AI: chatbots, virtual assistants, and customized offers
  • Blockchain and AI: A Powerful Combination
  • How AI and blockchain can together enhance transparency and security.
  • The Regulatory Landscape of AI in Banking
  • International perspectives on AI regulation in finance
  • Predictions for the future of AI in banking and financial markets.
  • Any other sub-theme related to Technological finance.

Publication Guidelines

  • Any manuscript not meeting these guidelines will be returned to the author(s) for correction, which may cause significant delays in the publication process.
  • Abstract of 200-300 words.
  • Word Count for the full chapter- 3500 to 6000 (excluding reference).
  • Only ORIGINAL submissions will be accepted for publication. Manuscripts should not have been previously published or be submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman, with font size 16 for the title, 14 for headings, and 12 for body text, with line spacing 1.5’ justified, with justified margins on all sides.
  • Co-authorship is permitted, but there can be a maximum of two authors.
  • Preferred referencing style to be followed: Bluebook 21st Edition
  • The chapter shall go through a strict plagiarism and AI check, and the plagiarism shall not be more than the prescribed limit of the University Grant Commission Rules.
  • The author shall be solely responsible for plagiarism if it is detected before or after the publication of a book chapter.

Submission Procedure

  • Submissions are welcome from academicians, professionals, lawyers, social workers, members of civil society organizations, legislators, students, and/or anyone who has a deep interest in the subject.
  • The submissions must be accompanied by the following information:
  • Full Name of the Author(s), Designation, Institutional Affiliations (if any)
  • Contact Details of the Author(s)
  • All the submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.
  • All manuscripts will be accepted based on a double-blind peer-review editorial process.
  • There shall be a rigorous review process.
  • The editorial board will ensure a greater standard of review and identification of quality academic writing. The authors shall be intimated about the status of their manuscript at every stage.
  • The decision of the editorial board regarding the manuscript shall be final and binding. They reserve the sole rights to the publication of the selected chapter in addition to, inter alia, any edits/amends/reproduction.

Submission Link

Abstract Submission Link: [Click here to Submit]

Publication Fee

  • For Single Author: Rs. 500
  • For two Authors: Rs. 900
  • For Three Authors: Rs. 1300

Publication Fees will be charged after the selection of the research paper.

Edited Book Publication Identity No – ISBN – 978-81-975308-8-3

Importance Dates

  • Abstract Submission: 05th July 2024
  • Intimation of Abstract Selection: 10th July 2024
  • Last Payment Date: 13th July 2024
  • Last Date to Submit Complete Chapter: 20th July 2024
  • Publication Date: 10th August 2024


This book shall be published by Amazon Kindle bearing an ISBN 978-81-975308-8-3


Brochure: [Click here to view]


Administrative Mail: care@icchr.in

Contact Mail: contactcare@icchr.in.

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