The Editorial Board of the NMIMS Law Review is pleased to invite original and unpublished manuscripts for publication in Volume III of the Journal.

About the Journal

NMIMS Law Review is the flagship law journal of Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS University, Mumbai. It is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal comprising scholarly works of renowned academicians and research scholars. It aims to continually raise the bar of academic research and actively contribute to the legal discourse surrounding pertinent questions of law. It was set up with the objective of publishing high-quality original research that provides contemporary insight and adds value to the scholarship surrounding the Indian legal framework and its comparative discourse.

The Journal is indexed on SCCOnline.

The Editorial Board of the NMIMS Law Review is pleased to invite original and unpublished manuscripts for publication in Volume III of the Journal.

Theme for Volume III

The NMIMS Law Review welcomes contributions that are original, unpublished, and up-to-date. The authors are not restricted to any particular area of law and submissions of an inter-disciplinary nature analysing contemporary legal issues are encouraged.

Categories for Submission

Submissions may be in the form of:

Long Article (6000-10000 words): Articles must comprehensively analyse a contemporary legal issue that the author(s) seeks to highlight. Articles would include research articles and theoretical discussions on any theme of law. It must either indicate the lacunae therein or, attempt to suggest possible changes, which can address the said lacunae or holistically cover the subject matter while offering a critical analysis of the chosen theme.

Short Article (3000-5000 words): Articles must be concise and condensed in their scope and conceptualisation vis-a-vis long articles. They must challenge existing principles and provide a fresh interpretation of an issue.

Comments (1500-3000 words): A comment allows the author(s) to critique any recent/landmark judicial pronouncement, legislation, or bill. The focus of a comment should be on a relatively recent pronouncement or legislation.


Submissions are invited from academicians, practitioners, and researchers across legal studies and allied interdisciplinary scholarship. Submissions by undergraduate students are not generally accepted for publication in the Journal.

Formatting Requirements

  1. The manuscript’s title must be on the first text page and must be the title of the file.
  2. The font must be Times New Roman and size 12 for the main text, and 10 for the footnotes.
  3. Line Spacing must be 1.5 for the main text and 1.0 for the footnotes.
  4. One line gap must be maintained between all paragraphs and headings.
  5. Alignment must be justified.
  6. All text, including hyperlinks, must be in black colour only.


We accept footnote citations exclusively. Citations must conform to standards laid in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th Edition).

Abstract and Keywords

All manuscripts must contain an abstract of 200-300 words. The abstract length is excluded from the respective submission word limits. The abstract must also contain 5 keywords.


Co-Authorship of up to two authors is permitted.


To facilitate our anonymous review process, we require you to confine your name, email address, phone number, and affiliation and only enter such details in the form. No such information is permitted in any part of the manuscript.

Submission Format

All manuscripts must be uploaded in .docx format. No other mode of submission will be accepted. Submissions are to be made via this form or to be sent at

The title of the manuscript must be the name of the file. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) undertake that the manuscript is an original and previously unpublished work of the author(s).

Originality and Plagiarism

The author(s) must warrant that their submission is their original work and that there is no impediment to its publication in the Journal.

Deadline for Submission

31stJanuary, 2023




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