NMIMS Law Review Blog is inviting original submissions on contemporary legal issues across all domains of law on a rolling basis.

About the Blog

The NMIMS Law Review Blog serves as a regular accompaniment to the annual NMIMS Student Law Review and the NMIMS Law Review. It is dedicated to facilitating discourse and creating a body of scholarship on contemporary legal issues. The blog provides an industry interface and explores key insights essential on the professional as well as the academic front. The NMIMS Law Review Blog fosters legal inquiry and argument that is fast-paced and timely — a complement to the long-form, in-depth analysis that has filled our pages for six salient and fortunate years. We hope the ideas presented through this new platform will generate debate, uncover new questions, challenge our readers, and inspire continued exploration.

The NMIMS Law Review Blog invites contributions in the following categories –

  1. Responses to articles in the NMIMS Journal or previous blogs published on the NMIMS Law Review Blog
  2. Articles on contemporary legal developments
  3. Case comments on recent landmark developments
  4. Book reviews engaging with recent literary works, etc.
Please note that this is not exhaustive and we would be happy to publish other pieces as long as they fall within our mandate specified above.

Submission Guidelines

A. Drafting Guidelines

  • The Blog invites original submissions on contemporary legal issues across all domains of law on a rolling basis. The word limit for the submissions is between 1000 to 1500 words, exclusive of endnotes.
  • Longer posts may be accepted and published in parts. Any plagiarism will lead to disqualification. Submissions posted on other blogs may be accepted, provided that the fact of prior publication is disclosed at the time of submission.
  • Co-authorship of up to two authors is allowed. Relevant references must be hyperlinked.

B. Style

Footnotes should not be used. Endnote references (ones that cannot be hyperlinked) should conform in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).

C. Anonymization

  • In order to preserve NMIMS Law Review‘s blind review process, manuscript files must be anonymized, that is, stripped of names and identifying information.
  • If your citations do include phrases that indicate the citations or notes reference your own work, please remove the identifying phrases throughout the document before submission.
  • We will not accept manuscripts that do not comport with this requirement. Authors should enter their name and identifying information only in the designated mail when they submit their article to the NMIMS Law Review Blog.
  • The text of the submission should contain absolutely no reference or indication to the identity of the authors or their institutional affiliation.

D. Submissions Management

  • Authors are encouraged to include an initial paragraph summing up the contents of their post succinctly.
  • Submissions with in-depth analysis are preferred.
  • The title of the document should be the title of the blog post.
  • Submissions should be sent to nmimslawreviewblog@gmail.com with the subject ‘Blog Submission: [Title of the post]’.
  • All contributions must be made in .doc or .docx format.
  • Please note that submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be returned or rejected.

E. Formatting Guidelines

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: Title – 14, Bold; Subtitles – 12, Bold; Body – 12.
  • Line Spacing: 1.5
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Endnote: Font Size - 10, Line Spacing - 1
  • Case laws should be italicised.


Email: nmimslawreviewblog@gmail.com.

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