Call for Papers is being invited for Journal for Criminal Law Studies by National Law University, Jodhpur by July 30, 2023.

Call for Papers is being invited for Journal for Criminal Law Studies by National Law University, Jodhpur by July 30, 2023.

About the Institution

National Law University, Jodhpur is an institution of national prominence. Established under the National Law University, Jodhpur Act, 1999 by Rajasthan State Legislation, the University strives for the advancement of learning, teaching, research and diffusion of knowledge in the field of law.

About Journal for Criminal Law Studies

Submission Categories

  • Long Articles (6,000 – 7,500 words): Long Articles must comprehensively analyse important themes and may adopt comparative perspectives. It must contain an analysis of the current legal scenario, help the reader identify the lacunae therein, and provide constructive suggestions.
  • Short Articles (5,000 – 6,000 words): The category includes submissions that undertake an in-depth study of specific legal issues and gives the reader valuable insight into the legal challenge identified by the author.
  • Essays (4,000 – 5,000 words): The category is inclusive of both case notes and comments that discuss any contemporary question of law.
The word limits are exclusive of footnotes

Submission Guidelines

Please note that the submissions must conform to the following requirements:

  • All submissions must include an abstract of not more than 300 words, explaining the main idea, objective of the article and the conclusions drawn from it.
  • Each submission can have maximum of two authors.
  • The manuscript should be on A4 sized paper, in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified and 1-inch margins on each side. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10 and with single line spacing.
  • The Authors must conform to the Bluebook (20th edition) System of Citation.
  • The Manuscript should not contain any identification of the author(s), which shall be a ground for rejection of the submission. Author(s) should provide their contact details, designation, institutional affiliation and address in the cover letter for the submission.
  • The submission must be the original work of the author(s). The journal follows zero tolerance towards plagiarism. Any form of plagiarism will lead to direct rejection.
  • The relevant sources should be duly acknowledged as footnotes. The decision of the Editorial Board in this regard shall be final.

Submission Procedure

  • The last date for submission of manuscripts is July 30, 2023. Subject to the outcome of the review process, the manuscript will feature in the upcoming Issue which is scheduled for publication in August, 2023.
  • Authors are requested to send an electronic version of their manuscripts .doc or .docx format to the email of the Journal (a separate mail domain of the Journal should be there apart from the centre) with the subject as “Submission – [Name of Author(s)] –Volume I Issue I.”
  • The document name must be in the following format “[Name of Authors(s)] – [Title of submission].”
  • The e-mail must contain a cover letter providing the contact details, designation, institutional affiliation and address of the authors.

Editorial Policy

  • Manuscripts shall be assessed through a three stage Blind Review Procedure. Reviewers shall not be informed of the author’s name, university, year in college, or any other personal information.
  • We attempt to review and process articles within 10-12 weeks of submission. Please follow up with us, if you have not heard from us within 12 weeks.
  • The Journal publishes only original and unpublished material. Manuscripts must therefore not, at any time during the period of consideration by the Journal, be considered for publication in any other place, nor published beforehand.
  • The author must inform the Journal if he/she has submitted the manuscript to other platforms prior to its acceptance for publication in the Journal. The author must withdraw his/her submission accordingly.
  • JCLS is committed to open access for academic work. All the articles published are freely accessible immediately from the date of publication. The Journal does not charge the authors any fee or charge prior to publication, and no charge for any reader for accessing and downloading our articles for their own personal use.


  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • Prof. Renjith Thomas (Chief Editor): +91 95744 04333
    • Himanshu Ranjan (Student Coordinators): +91 80519 80868
    • Samarth Agarwal (Student Coordinators): +91 70113 58630

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