School of Law, Bennett University is organising the seminar on Ancient Indian Jurisprudence.

School of Law, Bennett University is inviting call papers for their upcoming seminar on Ancient Indian Jurisprudence on 12th - 13th October 2023.

About Bennett University

The Times Group established Bennett University in 2016 with a vision to provide quality education and establish itself as one of the best private universities in India to impart interdisciplinary education. It was established by an Act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh as a private university.

About the School of Law

Bennett University established the School of Law with a vision to strive for excellence in teaching and research, and spearhead advocacy of Justice, while concomitantly shaping pioneers and thought leaders in public policy of national and international dimensions. The school at present is offering B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), B.B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), 1-year LLM programmes as well as Ph.D. programmes and abides by the best practices in terms of curriculum, pedagogy, innovation in teaching methods.

About Seminar

The history of India’s culture and civilization is incomplete without an understanding of the principles of law and jurisprudence, including the course of their evolution and their various facets. In ancient India, the scope of the law was all-embracing, covering various aspects of social and religious life. Ancient Indian society was not static but dynamic and the changing requirements of society had to be accommodated by suitably modifying the rules and regulations pertaining to administration, taxation and economy, maintenance of law and order, and sustenance of the societal norms and the religious injunctions, as also progressively evolving an appropriate mechanism for enforcing these regulations, as per the emerging and constantly changing needs of the society. To meet these objectives, a need was felt to conceptualize and create a treatise on jurisprudence, which was realized progressively by the formulation of a large body of legal literature based on societal requirements.

Resource Persons

  • Dr. Ramnath Jha, Professor, School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, JNU, New Delhi, and Director, UGC Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), JNU, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Anupama Goel, Professor of Law and Former Registrar, National Law University, Dwarka, Delhi.
  • Dr. Amar Pal Singh, Professor, University School of Law And Legal Studies, GGSIP University, Dwarka.
  • Dr. Seema Singh, Professor, University of Delhi.


  • Dharma and Law
  • Relationship between State and Dharma
  • Hindu Law-Its Character and Evolution
  • Rajadharma in Ancient India
  • Kautilya’s Arthasastra
  • Ethics and Dharma
  • Indigenous system of administration of Justice
  • Women and Dharma
Authors are free to choose any relevant topic related to the above sub-themes and the main theme of the seminar.


Academicians, Professionals, Students, and Researchers.

Submission Guidelines

  • The research papers should pertain to any of the sub-themes of the conference.
  • Participants shall be required to submit an abstract of around 200-250 words on or before 27th August 2023.
  • Acceptance/Rejection Notification: On or before 05 September 2023. (Acceptance shall be communicated separately.
  • Final Paper Submission: 30 September 2023.
  • The abstract shall also contain, the name of the author/authors, Email ID of the author/s contact number, and designation. (One co-author is allowed)
  • The full paper shall not exceed 6000 words. All Papers will go through a Plagiarism test.
  • It shall be typed in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 on A4 size paper on any of the sub-themes of the conference with a 1” margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing using MS Word.
  • Abstracts and papers shall be required to be emailed to
  • Citation shall be strictly in accordance with APA Style.

Registration Fee


Dates of Seminar

12th - 13th October 2023.




Bennett University, Plot Nos 8, 11, TechZone 2, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310.

Originality of Manuscript

  • All the contributions should be the original work of the contributors and must not have been submitted for publication in any other journal. All submissions will strictly undergo the plagiarism test.
  • Note: Submissions not as per guidelines will be outrightly rejected.

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  • Mr. Shubham Kawalkar: +91-9595217185
  • Ms. Richa Kaur: +91-8368514159

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