LexPacto is organizing a Certificate Course in Strategic Company Law. Scroll down for more details!

LexPacto is organizing a 4-Week Online Certificate Course in Strategic Company Law: Mastering Corporate Governance from 24th February 2024, to 17th March 2024.

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About the Course

The "Certificate Course in Strategic Company Law: Mastering Corporate Governance" by LexPacto is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with profound insights into the dynamic landscape of corporate governance and company law. Spanning six modules, the course covers crucial aspects such as company incorporation, doctrines under the Companies Act, corporate finance, investor protection, corporate compliance, and regulatory insights.

Led by seasoned professionals and experts in the field, the course blends theoretical foundations with practical case studies, ensuring a holistic understanding of legal frameworks, governance structures, and compliance mechanisms essential for navigating the complexities of contemporary corporate environments.

Course Objectives

Upon course completion, it aims to empower participants with a robust understanding of key principles in company law and corporate governance. Over six modules, the course objectives include unraveling the evolution of company law, elucidating company incorporation procedures, exploring doctrines under the Companies Act, delving into corporate finance, emphasizing investor protection mechanisms, dissecting corporate compliance and liability frameworks, and comprehending corporate transformation and winding-up processes.

With an emphasis on practical application through case studies, the course intends to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for strategic decision-making, legal compliance, and effective corporate governance in today's dynamic business environment.

Course Modules

  • Company Law: Evolution, Incorporation, & Key Doctrines
  • Corporate Governance: Navigating Management & Control of Companies
  • Capital Chronicles: Unveiling Corporate Finance & Safeguarding Investors
  • Understanding Liability, Scrutiny, & Investigation
  • Corporate Evolution: From Restructuring to Winding Up
  • Corporate Compliance: MCA Forms, Producer Company, CSR, E-Governance, & Regulatory Insights


Live sessions will be conducted and recorded lectures will be provided. The session will be conducted via Zoom/Google Meet/another e-platform.


  • Akshay Pathak, Principal Associate, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Naman Gandhi, Manager, Corporate Lawyer KPMG India | CS
  • Rajat Pradhan Principal Associate, DSK Legal
  • Tasneem Zakir, Legal Advisor, Linklaters London
  • Adith Narayan Vijayaraghavan, Advocate, High Court of Madras
  • Rishabh Halwai, Senior Associate, Dua Associates
  • Sakshi Goyal, Legal Associate, Synapse Partners

Registration Fee

  • Students: INR 3499 | Early Bird Offer: INR 2999.
  • Professionals: INR 4499 | Early Bird Offer: INR 3999.


  • 4 weeks [Every Saturday and Sunday].
  • 24 February 2024 – 17 March 2024.

Registration and Payment

Registration Form: [Click here to Register]

Account and VPA Details:

  • Account Number: 42533476538
  • IFSC Code: SBIN0002882
  • Branch Name: State Bank of India
  • OR UPI: 7470476474735@paytm


The course is open to a diverse audience, including law students, lawyers, law firm associates, CA, CS, MBA professionals, and individuals from various working professions. Whether you are a legal enthusiast, educator, or professional seeking to enhance your understanding of arbitration, this course offers a valuable opportunity for skill development and knowledge enrichment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Company Law Fundamentals: Grasp the historical development, nature, and forms of business entities, distinguishing between provisions in the 1956 and 2013 Acts.
  • Company Incorporation: Explore types of companies, roles and responsibilities of promoters, and procedural aspects of company formation, including Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).
  • Doctrines under Companies Act: Understand doctrines such as ultra vires, Turquand Rule, and Constructive Notice through landmark case studies.
  • Corporate Governance: Navigate roles, powers, and liabilities of directors, shareholder meetings, and corporate governance principles for organizational integrity.
  • Corporate Finance: Gain insights into equity and debt capital, capital market dynamics, and the process of raising capital.
  • Investor Protection: Explore regulations related to stock exchanges, SEBI, and investor protection mechanisms in the digital era.
  • Corporate Compliance: Understand corporate liability, scrutiny, and investigation processes, including insights into corporate frauds.
  • Corporate Transformation and Winding Up: Learn about corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, winding up procedures, and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.
  • Regulatory Insights: Explore MCA forms, CSR under the Companies Act, e-governance initiatives, listing regulations, IPO requirements, and other regulatory mechanisms.

Course Features

  • Weekend live sessions with expert lecturers. Recordings of each session will be available.
  • Comprehensive reading materials meticulously researched.
  • Certificates of Completion and Merit provided.
  • Program crafted by Industrial experts.
  • Personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions for all participants.
  • Engaging assignments and quizzes are incorporated into the learning experience.
  • WhatsApp Group & Google Classroom for updates on classes, assignments, Q&A, etc.

Additional Benefits

  • Receive a course completion certificate (Hardcopy) issued by LexPacto.
  • Merit certificates are awarded to top-performing participant(s).
  • Enjoy one-on-one mentorship sessions with industry experts.
  • Access a complimentary CV review and sample standard CV formats.
  • Internship Recommendation to Top Performers


Brochure: [Click here to view]


Email: contact@lexpacto.in info.lexpacto@gmail.com

Ph: +91-9171415644

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