Lawfoyer is conducting a comprehensive certification course on Mastering the Art of Legal Research. Scroll down for more details!

Lawfoyer is conducting a comprehensive certification course on Mastering the Art of Legal Research, scheduled to commence from 5th July 2024.

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About Course

Live Course Starting From:- 5th July 2024 onwards.

In today’s dynamic legal landscape, the ability to conduct effective legal research is a critical skill for legal professionals. Our certification course in legal research methodology is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navgate the complex world of legal research with confidence and precision.

Through a meticulously crafted curriculum, our expert faculty will guide you through the intricacies of legal research, from understanding the interrelation between speculation, fact, and theory to mastering the art of formulating and evaluating workable hypotheses. You will explore the nuances of inter-disciplinary research, delve into the differences between arm-chair research and empirical research, and gain insights into legal research in both common law and civil law legal systems.

Our course not only covers the theoretical aspects of legal research but also provides hands-on experience with various research tools and data processing techniques. You will learn to effectively utilize primary and secondary sources of legal data, master data collection and analysis techniques, and develop the skills to present your findings in a clear and compelling manner.

Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on legal writing, ensuring that you can communicate your research effectively to diverse audiences. From mastering citation methodologies to structuring legal arguments and reasoning, our course will equip you with the writing skills necessary to excel in both academic and professional settings.

Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your legal research skills to new heights. With our certification course, you will gain a competitive edge in the legal industry and unlock a world of opportunities.

Registration Fee

INR 399.


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Important Dates

Starting Date: 5th July 2024.


  • Live classes + Recordings.
  • 30+ Lessons for Comprehensive Coverage of Doctrinal and Empirical Legal Research
  • Personalised LMS Dashboard with 24*7 Access to Course Material (including Recordings of Live Sessions)
  • 2 Bonus Workshops on How to Use AI in Research and Writing, a workshop on Acing Moot Courts
  • Hands-on experience with Modern cutting-edge AI and Non-AI research tools and data processing techniques
  • Comprehensive course materials, including e-notes, presentations, quizzes, assignments, list of tools, Modern techniques and much more.

Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Brief Overview of the Course and What will be covered?
  • The Science of Legal Research and Methodology
  • Interrelation between Speculation, Fact, and Theory
  • Busting some Fallacies of Legal Methodology with reference to Socio-Legal Research
  • Inter-disciplinary Research and Legal Research models
  • Arm Chair Research vs. Empirical Research
  • Practical Application of Legal Research in Modern Legal System: Civil, Criminal, Corporate, IT, ADR, & IPR

Chapter 2: Research Design: Questions, Objectives, Methodology, Literature Review and Hypothesis

  • Major steps in research design
  • Formulation of Research Problem, Questions and Objectives
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Workable Research Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology: Primary and Secondary Research in Legal Studies
  • Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Research Methods
  • Ethical Considerations in Legal Research

Chapter 3: Research Tools and Data Analysis

  • Facets of Legal Research: Doctrinal and Empirical Legal Research
  • Primary Sources of Legal Research (Statutes, Precedents, Rules, Regulations, Notifications, Circulars)
  • Secondary Sources of Legal Data (Journals, Books, Articles, Commentaries, etc.)
  • Modes of Legal Research – Online and Offline Modes
  • Tools and Techniques for Doctrinal Legal Research
  • Tools and Techniques for Empirical Legal Research, Analysis and Interpretation of data
  • Data Collection Techniques (Surveys, Interviews, Observations)
  • Data Analysis Techniques (Content Analysis & Statistical Analysis)
  • Data Visualization and Presentation
  • Reliability and Validity of Legal Research Findings

Chapter 4: Legal Writing

  • Report/Article Writing & Legal Research
  • Use of Definitions, Maxims, Concepts, Principles, Doctrines in Legal Research and Writing
  • Plagiarism, its Consequences and How to Deal with it?
  • Citation Methodology (Harvard Bluebook, OSCOLA, ILI etc.)
  • Case Commentary (Analysis) and Book Review Writing
  • Writing for Different Audiences (Academic, Professional, Public)
  • Editing and Proofreading Techniques
  • Publishing and Disseminating legal research.

Bonus Workshop & Giveaways

  • Workshop on using Modern AI and Non-AI tools for Doctrinal and Empirical Legal Research & Writing
  • Workshop on Acing Moot Courts and Trial Advocacy Competitions


Law students and Research Scholars of law or any interdisciplinary field

Learning Outcomes

  • Mastery of legal research techniques and tools
  • Understanding of inter-disciplinary and comparative legal research
  • Proficiency in formulating hypotheses and designing research studies.
  • Expertise in data collection, analysis, and visualization
  • Skills in effective legal writing and citation methodologies
  • Knowledge of ethical considerations in legal research


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