2nd National Amity Client Counselling Competition 2023 is being organised by Hindi Manch Society, Amity Law School, Noida on 23rd and 24th March in Hindi in Offline Mode.

The 2nd National Amity Client Counselling Competition 2023 is organised by the Hindi Manch Society, Amity Law School, Noida, from 31 March to 01 April in Hindi in Offline Mode.

About Hindi Manch

The establishment of the Hindi Manch society Amity law school Noida was done at the beginning of the current decade by the then Hindi Faculty, Dr. Shrutikant Pandey. He introduced Hindi Moot to the law school. After Mr. Pandey, two office bearers has taken charge as conveners, firstly Ms. Ekta Gupta and then Dr. Tripti Srivastava. In the convenorship of Ms. Gupta, the Manch has started organizing events related to bill drafting/ Legislative drafting and students got more involved in language-related activities. Since the time of convenorship of Dr. Prempal, an alumnus of JNU New Delhi who took charge in 2016 and convener along with faculty co-convener Ms. Shilpi Gupta and students office bearers has made the society very popular amongst the students of ALSN with more than 1000 students opting Hindi in Language option for their course, giving preference over foreign business languages.

To maintain the importance of the same, Hindi Manch every year organizes prestigious events such as Hindi Moot Court, Essay competition, Debate competition, Abhivyakti, MatriBhasha Saptah, Ekta Divas etc. Abhivyakti has been the signature event of the society and ALSN. Under Abhivyakti, in previous years, we did organize Panel Discussion on Hindi Divas i.e. 14th September and invited well-known dignitaries such as Prof Raman Prashad Sinha (JNU), Mr. Pooran Chand Tandon (Professor DU), Mr. Dinesh Shrineth (Editor: Economic times – Hindi Web Edition) , Mr. Prakash K.Ray(Prabhat Khabar – Bureau Chief Delhi), Mr. Siddarth (Dainik Jagran – Ghaziabad) and the discussion was a grand success.

Our objective behind the constitution of the society is to uplift the socio-legal- status of our Native languages along with Hindi and to spread awareness about the importance of inclusion of these languages into the legal procedure to make justice inclusive and social justice a reality.

About 2nd National Amity Client Counselling Competition


The objective of the challenge is to make the legal fraternity recognize the importance of understanding and communicating in vernacular languages along with English and other foreign languages with the perspective of a huge number of clients speaking their native language and working in a number of MNCs operating in the nation, so to highlight this problem and to bring it in the foreground to create awareness and find solutions. And to bridge the language gap between clients, legal practitioners, and judges, to provide law students with an opportunity to get a platform where they can take language as a challenge and learn to perform better and overall raising the question of getting justice in one’s own language in postcolonial countries like India in the current era of rapid change and globalization. The field of client counselling in the Indian scenario is on the rise.


The outcome of this challenge shall be-

  1. Better understating and spreading awareness for the importance of Hindi language along with court etiquettes overall in client counseling among the legal fraternity.
  2. Enhanced communication skills among participants, listeners, and volunteers.
  3. Bridge the language gap between clients and legal practitioners.
  4. This challenge will help law students to build a healthy relationship with their clients.
  5. It would help students in analyzing and understanding grievances of the clients.
  6. It would add up to speedy justice.
  7. It would help students to build interactive skills which are essentials of the legal fraternity.
  8. Better ability to handle native-speaking clients and foreign-speaking MNCs and advanced skill of client counseling.
  9. Better ability to address and raise the question of getting justice in one’s own language in post - colonial countries like India in the current era of rapid change and globalization.
  10. To make justice inclusive for all native speakers of Indian society.


As we know, India is a developing nation with a huge growth in the sector of globalization and a versatile market which has been attracting a lot of multi-national companies (MNCs) lately. Therefore, with the advent of MNCs in our country there has been a growing problem of land acquisition and other where rights of natives are being violated due to their lack of knowledge in legal matters caused by usage and prevalence of foreign language in legal fraternities and which has led to a setback in providing proper legal solutions to the needy ones (especially the ones who have their command of native languages only).

Client counselling is a vital skill for lawyers to develop in order to achieve the heights of success that they aspire for, inculcating the skills of analyzing, interpreting and understanding the legal issues and plaints of the client in vernacular and regional languages, in the process of gaining legal education makes it easier for the students when they first step out as a professional. One of the significant functions of a lawyer is to advise people to seek assistance in knowing the legal implications of their actions. Lawyer is looked upon to facilitate decision making in certain critical legal matters. This function of the lawyer influencing and facilitating decisions is called counselling.

The process of counseling has three functions:

  • To help the person to discuss, analyze and make concise and sound decisions in the court of law.
  • To make a person aware of their possible plans of action that they may be entitled to.
  • To achieve quick resolve through means of counseling and concluding on mid-way settlements and not get in the hassle of complicated legal procedures which are very time consuming.

The primary tool that helps the lawyer in carrying out the above listed functions is communication and understanding. As simple as it may sound, communication often becomes a problem during counseling, especially in a country as diverse as ours where language and accent changes with each state and sometimes even with community. And to add-on to the problem, the high rate of illiteracy prevalent in India with a population of 1.6 billion along with native speaking clients and secondary status given to the vernacular languages of the country in courts serves as a roadblock in providing efficient legal solutions.

Hence, the main theme of this event revolves around the language of Hindi and their contribution in making justice inclusive to the native speaking clients.


The broad area of law, for all the rounds, shall be released in advance, which may be civil, criminal, family, IPR laws etc. It shall be in the form of an office memo written by the office secretary for the concerned lawyers.

(All acts)

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate/postgraduate and professional students of law from any law institute recognized by the BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA can participate in the challenge.

Important Dates

  • Date of the event: 31 March and 1st April, 2023
  • Registration Deadline: 15th March, 2023

Registration Procedure

Interested Law Students can register in the event through the link mentioned below.

Registration Link: Click Here


  • Email: registerclientcounselling23@gmail.com
  • Registration Team
    • Aayushi: +91 86039 51001
    • Roshni Agarwal: +91 97201 89384
  • Gaurika Shri (Convenor): +91 88008 50118
  • Harshit Singhal (Co-Convenor): +91 72176 01590

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