MNLUA is organising Bharat Ratna Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2nd MNLUA National Youth Parliament. Scroll down for more details!

Centre for Public Law, Maharashtra National Law University (MNLUA) is organising Bharat Ratna Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2nd MNLUA National Youth Parliament 2024.

About the University

The Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad was established under Act No. VI of 2014 by the State Legislature of Maharashtra. The University commenced its operation from March 16, 2017. The Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad being an institution of national repute has been fulfilling the aspirations of the people of the Marathwada Region.

About the Competition

A Youth Parliament in essence is a stimulation of a Parliamentary session wherein the participants understand the parliamentary procedure and develop an insight into the workings of the Parliament. It is a platform to discuss national issues on a large scale in a proper forum and in front of experienced moderators. It brings like-minded youngsters on the same platform and offers the opportunity to stimulate discussion and come up with possible solutions.

Committees & Agendas

  • Lok Sabha: Deliberation on the Chief Election Commissioner Bill of 2023, with special emphasis on One Nation One Election Policy.
  • National Security Council: Directing the Formulation of the National Security Policy and National Security Strategy.
  • Historic Crisis Committee: Classified
  • Indian Press

Event Schedule and Dress Code

  • Day 1: Committee Proceedings: I and II Western Formals [20th January 2024]
  • Day 2: Committee Proceedings: III and IV Indian Formals [21st January 2024]

General Rules and Guidelines

  • The participation shall be on an individual basis.
  • There is no limitation on the number of participants from one institute (i.e., multiple students can participate from one institute).
  • Participants are allowed to use bilingual mode of communication in their speech. (Hindi and English).
  • Portfolios would be allotted according to the previous experiences of each participant.
  • The Organising committee reserves the right to adopt suitable procedures and changes, if any are required and the decision of the EB would be final and conclusive. No grievance with respect to their decision will be entertained.
  • Participants thereby should adhere to the rules and regulations of the event.


A bonafide, full-time student, who is enrolled in a degree program in any College/University/ Institution, can register for “Bharat Ratna Late Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2nd MNLU-A National Youth Parliament, 2024.”

Registration Fee

  • Individual: INR 3,000 [Inclusive of food & accommodation].
  • Group Participation [10 participants]: INR 27,000 [10% off].

Registration and Payment

Participants need to make the payment first on the link provided for Payment and then duly fill out the Google form for Registration.

Accommodation and Food

  • Accommodation will be provided within the campus of the University from 19th January 2024 (6 pm onwards) to 22nd January 2024 (till 10.00 am).
  • Teams will have to make their own arrangements if they arrive before the mentioned period or stay beyond it. No arrangement shall be provided to any additional member of the team apart from the registered members.
  • Food will be provided in the current Mess facility. The meals would range from dinner on 19th January 2024 to Breakfast on 22nd January 2024.

Awards and Certificates

  • Best Parliamentarian Award from Lok Sabha
  • Best Delegate from the National Security Council and Historic Crisis Committee
  • High Commendation Award from Every Committee
  • Special Mention of All Committees
  • Best Journalist
  • Best Photographer
  • Certificate of Merit Shall be Presented to the Best Parliamentarian, Best Delegates, High Commendation & Special Mention
  • Certificates of Participation Shall be Presented to the Participants Present


Brochure: [Click here to view]



  • Mr. Sheel Aditya [Head of Delegate Affairs]: +91-7279993725
  • Ms. Vandita Gautam [Outreach Head]: +91-9424956406

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