Debate & Discussions Society (DDS), Campus Law Centre in association with Cosmo Juris is organising National Youth Parliamentary Debate Lok Neeti 2023.

Debate & Discussions Society (DDS), Campus Law Centre in association with Cosmo Juris is organising National Youth Parliamentary Debate Lok Neeti 2023.

About the Organisers

The Debate & Discussions Society (DDS), Campus Law Centre is a unique forum that promotes free thought and exchange of opinions. When discussion is the ethos of an institution, Debate and Discussions Society becomes the natural facilitator to the spirited culture of indulging in constructive dialogues. The society not only conducts debates and discussion but also promoted free thought and opinion exchange. It marks and celebrates the significance of deliberation and purposeful exchange of ideas as instrumentality of positive change and growth. The society holds a plethora of events covering various facets of the society in general and legal field in particular.

CAMPUS LAW CENTRE, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI, is a legal institution par excellence, representing a heterogeneous and diverse set of values, opinions, and ideas. Established in 1924, CLC provides world-class legal education at a nominal cost. CLC took the lead in adorning our liberty with a self-sufficient legal education system by introducing a distinguished Tark-Vitark (Debate and Discussion) method of teaching, a time-tested teaching methodology prevalent in ancient India, through precedents themselves, with the goal of transforming students into budding lawyers. CLC has proved its mettle by producing illustrious luminaries panning across Supreme Court and High Court judges, leading advocates, political leaders, policymakers, and trend-setters in all walks of life.

Cosmo Juris is an online-driven platform centralized for the legal scholars, researchers and also for the enthusiastic minds with the objective to enhance rather the majority-minority their voices ad to promote the high quality legal research on different contemporary and legal topics. We further aim to enlighten our readers with a catena of information related to various aspects of legal developments and enticing opportunities so that everyone, even an ordinary person is benefitted in the present legal era.

With this aim we bring to our viewers’ details of competitions like call for papers, Moot Court competitions, Debate Competitions, client Counselling competitions, Memorial-drafting competitions, Essay Competitions, MUNs and other related competitions.

About Lok Neeti

In collaboration with Cosmo Juris, DDS presents “Lok Neeti” National Youth Parliamentary Debate. Youth Parliament is a recreation of the parliamentary proceedings of legislature and executive, based upon the Indian Parliamentary System. In the Youth Parliament, participants role play members of parliament, followed by discussing an entire gamut of social, legal, geopolitical and economic issues.

Topic of Debate

Data protection Laws in India: Balancing Privacy, Innovation and National Security.


The competition is open to all schools, colleges and universities in India and abroad.

Date & Location

The event will be held at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi on 6th April 2023.


Registration is free and the last date to register is 4th April 2023.

Registration link: Click Here


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