Aligarh Muslim University is organizing a Webinar on Contemporary Trends in International Space Law. Scroll down for more details!

Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University is organizing an International Webinar on Contemporary Trends in International Space Law on the 21st day of October 2023. The webinar will be hosted by the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in the Moot Court Hall and simultaneously broadcast via video conferencing.

About Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University is a prestigious institution of higher learning in India, with a history of more than a century. It offers a variety of courses and programs in different fields of study and attracts students from all over the country and abroad.

Date and Time

October 21, 2023 | 03:00 PM - 4:30 PM IST.


The webinar will be open to students, faculty, and practitioners of law, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about space law. The target audience includes students from all disciplines, lawyers, academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in space law.

About the Speakers

The webinar will feature presentations from two notable academicians in space law:

  • Dr. Sandeepa Bhat B., Professor and Director, Centre for Aviation & Space Laws at WBNUJS, Kolkata, India
  • Christopher D. Johnson (J.D, LL.M, M.Sc), Adjunct Faculty and Researcher, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands



E-certificates will be awarded to the participants.


Ali Hossain Arman: +91-7668156313

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