RGNUL Punjab in collaboration with Kathmandu Law School, Nepal is organising a 1-week Faculty Development Programme on Law and Social Sciences.

The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab in association with Kathmandu Law School is all set to organize the 2nd International Faculty Development Programme from 18th September to 23rd September 2023.


Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL), Punjab, was established by the State Legislature of Punjab by passing the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab Act, (Punjab Act No. 12 of 2006). The Act incorporated a University of Law of national stature in Punjab, thereby fulfilling the need for a Centre of Excellence in legal education in the modern era of globalization and liberalization.

About Kathmandu Law School

Kathmandu School of Law (KSL), established in 2000 AD as an affiliate of Purbanchal University, is a community-based, non-profit academic institution that upholds its unrestrained commitment to a pragmatic, research-based and community-responsive legal education in the country. It was conceptualized within the ambit of a non-profit movement dedicated to serving the need for an academically sound and functionally feasible legal education in Nepal. KSL is the first and only Law College in Nepal that is QAA (Quality Assurance and Accreditation) certified by the University Grants Commission Nepal and ranked as the best Higher Institution in Law Education in Nepal as surveyed by nica.com.

About the Centre

The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) at RGNUL has been established to promote students’ and researchers’ interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution constituting of dispute resolution methods like Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation and Conciliation and it aims to promote and develop ADR as a vehicle for socioeconomic and political justice. The ultimate objective of the Centre is to strengthen the ADR mechanism in the country by emerging as a platform for students to further their interest in the field. A strong team of teachers and students is working towards achieving this end.

About the Program

The aim of this Faculty Development Programme is to familiarise the participants with the contemporary developments in the field of Law and other Social Sciences from a multidisciplinary perspective. In addition, another aim is to develop skills and capabilities in the participants to observe, analyse and interpret socio-cultural and administrative experiences with an interdisciplinary approach; which forms the core need for bringing about a sustainable pattern of development. The FDP shall sincerely aim to make the professionals further contribute to social progress and also sincerely aim to assist the participants in uncovering the Research Gap for Social and Legal Research in the field of Community and Area Studies.

The FDP would not only encourage the intellectual and scholarly development of the faculty members through the dissemination of knowledge but also enable 'personnel collaboration' with colleagues working across disciplines and borders. The international approach of the FDP shall facilitate a sharing of academic principles and professional values being practiced in different countries; which shall pave the way for the global exchange of ideas of a higher academic and occupational worth.

Dates of the Program

18th - 23rd September 2023.


  • Law and Economics
  • Law and History
  • Law and Sociology
  • Law and Political Science Law and Ethics
  • Law and Anthropology Law and Criminology Law and Psychology Law and Literature Law and Management

General Guidelines

The program would be held in Online mode through the Cisco Webex platform.

E-certificates will be provided only to those participants who will attend all the Sessions.

Registration Fee

INR 500.

The last date for registration is 15th September 2023.

Registration and Payment

[Click here to Register]


Brochure: [Click here to view]


Email: sssis@rgnul.ac.in.

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