The article 'Justice Technology' is a core study about Jupitice and how it represents a significant step forward in transforming the legal industry, especially in technology.

The article 'Justice Technology' is a core study about Jupitice and how it represents a significant step forward in transforming the legal industry, especially in technology.

Heard about, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied?

In a fast-moving world, when groceries are being delivered in 10 minutes, and pizza in 30 minutes, why wait so long for justice? 4.3 crore cases are pending in District Courts, 53.5 lakh cases are waiting for their turns in High Courts and 70,000 cases are pending final verdicts at the Supreme Court.

Altogether, if you file a case today, your file is already under crores of files waiting for their fortune to be decided. So, there are two options. The first is to wait till eternity where perhaps your victory will not even mean what it means today or the second is to take the legal challenge in a much faster way.

Jupitice, the world’s first justice technology company has pioneered in creating a new space in the technology sector called “JusTech'' to reboot the global dispute resolution ecosystem. With a range of UN-recognised ODR services, Jupitice safeguards and facilitates e-commerce, digital payment, B2B, and B2C dispute resolution, both domestically and internationally.

This Platform provides end-to-end abilities, that is, Adjudicative, Administrative, and Data Analytics & Reporting to plead and conduct the entire proceedings under Quasi-Judicial, ADR Mechanism, and Judicial mechanisms, from the filing of disputes to decision-making, all on a single platform.

It only takes two mutually agreed parties to come to the Jupitice platform and raise the dispute. Civil issues are dealt with according to Standard Operating Procedures and justice is done at a much quicker pace and in a time where justice actually matters. If both parties agree to the solution, it’s fine else the case goes into arbitration. The platform itself provides the arbitrator to keep the process smooth and to ensure that justice is served.

The Jupitice platform leverages and harnesses new-age technologies such as ICT, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics, etc. to empower and enable all the stakeholders in the justice ecosystem.

Furthermore, Jupitice launched the first ever Digital Lok Adalat in July and the second one in November 2022 and has registered over 2 crore cases till now. Jupitice has extended its technical support to the State Legal Services Authorities of Rajasthan and Maharashtra with its Digital Platform.

Jupitice has also collaborated with the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Gurugram (HARERA) for the complete digitalization of Gurugram RERA's Complaint Redressal system. Under this partnership, Haryana became the pioneer to have the first-of-its-kind Digital RERA Court to facilitate dispute resolution and deliver justice in a simpler, quicker, safer, and transparent manner. This Digital RERA Court also enables all its stakeholders to execute and perform end-to-end Dispute Resolution Mechanisms online from the comfort of their homes or offices.

The platform offers an AI-powered voice-based interactive chatbot, SAYA for tasks such as application filing, scheduling counseling, and hearings, converting dictated awards to text, and generating final settlement of awards. We are also working on developing a range of other AI/ML capabilities to automate the processes; however, the unavailability of Open Data from the Department of Justice is a significant challenge. Meanwhile, we are trying to make the most of the resources available to us to develop new technology products and services.

In a country with the highest population in the world, disputes are not rare events. However, it is the kind of dispute resolution system that will decide the growth and peace in the country. A modern-day India needs a modern-day solution.

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