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An Overview on Prison Reforms in the UK

The present article, “An Overview of Prison Reforms in the UK” will focus on prison reforms in the UK. Firstly, the article will examine the history of penal institutions. Secondly, the prison administrative framework will be discussed, and the administrative or legislative documents affecting the prison reforms themselves will be examined. Finally, the various issues and concerns of… Read More »

An Analysis of Juvenile Justice System and Laws in the UK

The present article, “An Analysis of the Juvenile Justice System And Laws In The UK” will examine the various institutions, legislations and procedures dealing with juvenile offenders of the United Kingdom (‘UK’). The juvenile justice system of any liberal democracy strives for restitution and rehabilitation of its juvenile offenders. The principles laid down by the 1989 United Nations… Read More »

An Overview on Rules for Arresting a Person in the UK

This article, ‘An Overview on Rules for Arresting a Person in the UK’ will discuss the power and procedure of arrest in the United Kingdom, and provide an overview of the statutory provisions. Police officers and other law enforcement officials are empowered to search premises, arrest persons upon reasonable suspicion of committing crimes and seize movable property associated… Read More »