Legal Bites presents the Law of Partnership Important Question-Answer Series.

Legal Bites presents the Law of Partnership Important Question-Answer Series. The questions listed here will help students study for various Competitive and University Exams. Candidates can use Legal Bites' list of questions to help them determine the most important and often asked questions and practice their aptitude and knowledge.

Answering questions is a continuous process that is an inevitable component of any test preparation, as we all know. A well-written response displays not just a candidate's knowledge but also his or her ability to tailor the content to the question's requirements.

It is vital to prepare for this exam to pass it thoroughly. To attain mastery over the subjects studied, applicants only need to keep practising these questions in the months coming up to the examinations. Following it, the candidate's confidence level, as well as their scores, will vastly improve.

Law of Partnership Question Answer Series 3: Important Questions for Judiciary Exams | Part – III

Question 1

State the essential elements which are necessary for the constitution of partnership. How would you distinguish a partnership from a Hindu joint family business? [RJS 1977, UPJS 1982]

Question 2

Sharing of the profits is only a prima facie evidence of the existence of partnership. The conclusive test is that of mutual agency. Explain the above statement and refer to decided cases? [HJS 1998]

Question 3

"The relation of Partnership arises from contract and not from status", Elaborate. How does Partnership differ from Joint Hindu Family? [HJS 1988, 2000]

Question 4

X, a publisher, agrees to publish at his own expense a book written by Y and to pay half of net profits. Does this create a relationship of Partnership between X and Y? Is Y liable to a paper-maker for paper supplied to X for the purpose of printing Y's book? [Punj JS 2006]

Question 5

A and B enter into a partnership for a period of 15 years. B pays a sum of Rs. 10,000 to A as premium. Long before the expiry of 15 years A is adjudged bankrupt. B claims refund of proportionate premium which he has paid to A. Decide. [HJS 1986]

Question 6

Critically examine the relation of partners with third parties. Can a firm be liable for wrongful acts of a partner? Refer to decided cases. [UPJS 1987]

Question 7

Explain the rights and liabilities of a new partner. [BJS 1975]

Question 8

It is neither compulsory, nor penal for non-registration of the Partnership Firm, yet an unregistered firm suffers from certain disabilities under the Partnership Act. What are those disabilities? Please discuss the same under relevant provisions of the law in this respect. [DJS 2000]

Question 9

Define 'Partnership at Will'. How is it formed and wound up? [BJS 2018]

Question 10

Examine the circumstances under which a firm may be dissolved on just and equitable ground. [UPJS 2006]

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