Here are Legal Bites May 2023 monthly GK updates. The notable happenings of the months were related to the ePath, Removal of the 2000 note, Go-First Insolvency Plea, New Parliament Building, Decisions of the Supreme Court and so on.

Here are Legal Bites May 2023 monthly GK updates. The notable happenings of the months were related to the ePath, Removal of the 2000 note, Go-First Insolvency Plea, New Parliament Building, Decisions of the Supreme Court and so on. We have covered all the happenings in the gist so that it helps the readers to remember all legal and current updates about May 2023 most efficiently and easily.

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Key Highlights: Legal Bites May 2023

1. Woman’s Rights over Her Body- A Critical and Comparative Analysis

2. The Intersection of Human Rights and Environmental Law

3. Subway v. Suberb: Reiterating the Fabric of Trademark Law in India

4. Marital Rape

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Legal Bites May 2023: Monthly Legal Updates

1. Announcement of New E-Payment Platform by the Supreme Court

On 1st of May, 20203 the Supreme Court of India introduced a new platform for payments called the “ePath” (a new electronic payment hub). The idea of introducing this by the Supreme Court is to enable smooth and seamless payment transactions for participants and the public for the purpose of making any payments to the Supreme Court.

2. “Sanchaar Saathi” launched by the Government for detecting AI-based frauds

On 1st May, Government launched a new portal called “Sanchaar Sathi” for the purpose of detecting the recently surging frauds that are based on AI technology. In case any phone gets stolen, the portal shall assist in restricting any access to the personal data and will also allow the same to get disconnected from the network service provider.

3. Expansion of scope and services of DRs (Dealers Representatives) by the Supreme Court

On 1st May, Apart from merely dealing in securities, the Supreme Court has now released a framework which permits and facilitates the DRs to deal in investment finance, financial planning, and restricted dealing. The requirement for DRs to be engaged in full-time employment has also been done away with. These changes have been introduced by requisite changes in the Licensing Handbook, Chapter 4.

4. Reinstating Freedom of Religion as per Article 25 of the Indian Constitution- Tamil Nadu Government’s statement in the Supreme Court

On 1st May, in a petition filed against the Christian missionaries spreading their religion, the Tamil Nadu Government stated in the Supreme Court that there is nothing “illegal” with the spread of Christianity by the missionaries in the state. Citing the freedom to practice and spread one’s religion freely as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, the state has put forth that there is often misuse of the anti-conversion laws.

5. Permission to conduct Adhaar-based client verification to 22 finance companies by the Finance Ministry

On 2nd May, Companies including Amazon India, IIFL Finance etc. have been allowed by the Finance Ministry to undertake Adhaar-based verification for their clients. It is important to note that all these 22 companies are already reporting entities under the PMLA.

6. All-time high of UPI transactions recorded in April- as calculated and released on 2nd May

On 2nd May, an all-time high of Rs. 14.7 trillion was reached as stated by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). While IMPS transactions recorded a swift decline, the UPI payments have observed a hike.

7. Uttar Pradesh Government, Canara- largest buyers from the GeM Portal

On 3rd May, the Government e-Portal (GeM Portal) facilitates the purchases of goods and services online by various departments of the Ministries and other such entities that belong to the central/ state governments. As per the data provided by the government, Uttar Pradesh (among all states and union territories) has become the largest buyer of goods and services from this portal in the year 2022-23 and Canara Bank (among state-owned lenders) has become the largest purchaser.

8. India’s demand for $55-million funding in the first Call with Pandemic Fund

On 3rd May, in order to improve pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities at the national, regional, and international levels, with an emphasis on low- and middle-income nations, the fund has been established. After the Covid-19 worldwide epidemic, it was developed.

9. Supreme Court’s refusal to pleas bail filed by Delhi Police for 3 students involved in Delhi 2020 Riots

On 3rd May, Supreme Court cited the reason that since the three students have been out on bail for almost three years, it is not prudent to continue to plead against their bail. While the apex court has also stated that this decision of the Delhi High Court should not be considered a precedent as the court has not gone into the intricacies of examining the correctness of this order.

10. Appointment of a Committee by the Centre for examining alternative methods for capital Punishment

On 3rd May, the Centre stated that it is in the process to appoint a committee that shall be examining this subject matter. This statement has been made in front of the bench headed by the CJI- DY Chandrachud.

11. New Website “UTSAH” to be launched by UGC

On 3rd May, in lieu of the changes required to be made for the implementation of NEP, 2020, UGC decided to rebrand its website to make it more user-friendly and to incorporate all changes required for the implementation of the NEP, 2020. The name of the website UTSAH stands for Undertaking Transformative Strategies and Actions in Higher Education.

12. Supreme Court allows Chhattisgarh to implement 58% reservation law for recruitment

On 4th May, The Supreme Court granted a “temporary concession: to the government went ahead and stated to the apex court that due to the stay, there has been a shortage of manpower in the state. In September 2022, the High Court of Chhattisgarh struck down the Chhattisgarh Lok Seva (Anusuchit Jatiyon, Jan Jatiyon aur Anya Pichhade Vargon ke Liye Arakshan) (Sanshodhan) Adhiniyam, 2011 as per which 58% reservation had to be provided where the breakdown is as follows- 12% for SCs, 32% for STs and 14% for OBCs in public services and posts and to certain educational institutions established, maintained or aided by the state government.

13. Exports from India have fallen to 12.7% as per the Ministry of Commerce

On 4th May, the Ministry of Commerce announced that there has been a significant fall in the exports of India by about 12.7%. This further led to a 20-month low deficit that is, at $15.24 billion.

14. Google-Android case- Google likely to approach Supreme Court against NCLAT’s order

As stated by Google on 4th May, it might approach the SC for NCLAT’s order in the Google-Android case whereby the appellate tribunal has reaffirmed the CCI’s penalty as levied on Google (for Rs. 1377 crore) but set aside four out of the total ten non-monetary directions, might be challenged in the Supreme Court by Google. This appeal shall challenge the payment of the penalty of Rs. 1377 crore and the remaining six out of ten non-monetary directions as ordered to be complied with by Google by the NCLT.

15. Project signed between the Department of Health Research and the WHO

On 5th May, Project Collaboration Agreement has been signed between DHR and WHO for the purpose of enhancing efficient access to “high quality affordable assistive technology” for the purpose of giving boost to research, innovation and also for building capacity.

16. No politicisation is permitted for matters being heard by Supreme Court

On 7th May, the Supreme Court objected to the statement made by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the 4% Muslim Quota in jobs and education in Karnataka. The apex court stated that such politicisation of matters that the SC is either hearing or is ready to hear is not permitted. The bench which stated this comprised Justices K M Joseph, B V Nagarathna and Ahsanuddin Amanullah.

17. New Platform launched by the Ministry of MSME for supporting MSMEs in healthcare and advanced manufacturing

On 7th May, the new platform named IHD (India Health Dialogue) has been set up to enhance MSMEs in healthcare. The idea is also to assist them with advanced manufacturing capacities in order to promote the idea of self-reliance and reduction of dependency on healthcare and medical exports.

18. Surrogacy expenses to be covered in health insurance as per IRDAI

On 7th May, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India stated that surrogacy expenses for a family whose medical and financial conditions are not sound shall be covered by their health insurance itself. This is being done in accordance with the provisions of the Surrogacy Act, 2012 and the ART (Assistive Reproductive Technology) Act, 2021.

19. Expert panel formulated by IRDAI for advising on “mental health cover”

On 7th May, a 5 member expert committee has been formulated by IRDAI for assessing the reforms as required for bringing about necessary reform in the “mental health cover”. This is being done in parlance with the opinion and aid of the NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences). The committee’s chairperson is also the Director of NIMHANS itself.

20. UGC’s new portal called UGC-Chayan for recruitment to Central Universities

On 8th May, the new portal has been set for streamlining and bringing uniformity in the recruitment process to central universities. The portal shall list all the vacancies etc. on the common platform whereby the applicants shall be able to apply there. The initiative has been taken to increase the efficiency of the process of recruitment.

21. Introduction of LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) by SEBI

On 9th May, LEI as an initiative has been introduced by SEBI for all companies that are either planning to list or have listed any of the following: nonconvertible securities, securitised debt instruments, and security receipts. It is a globally unique identifier for all the legal entities that are either currently or are planning to get involved in financial transactions.

22. Launch of C-PACE by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

On 9th May, a method for centralising the strike-off of companies’ names has been initiated by MCA whereby C-PACE has been introduced. The idea is to reduce the stress that is on the Registry for this process of removal of companies’ names. In accordance with this, MCA also made requisite changes in Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from the Register of Companies) Rules, 2023.

23. Gujarat government is not permitted by the Supreme Court to promote 68 judicial officers as district judges

On 9th May, the Gujarat High Court's recommendation to elevate them and the state notification issued in response to it were both temporarily delayed by a bench of Justices M R Shah and C T Ravikumar. The bench observed that after giving notice of the plea contesting the high court's recommendation, the state had issued the notification. Harish Hasmukh Bhai Varma, who had found Congressman Rahul Gandhi guilty of slander in a case, is one of the 68.

24. State Elections held in Karnataka

On 10th May, Karnataka held legislative assembly elections to choose all 224 members of the assembly. On May 13, 2023, the votes were tallied, and the results were announced.

25. Dispute regarding Delhi Governance- GNCTD v. Union of India

On 10th May, SC stated that 'Public order', 'police', and 'land' services are not included in NCTD's (National Capital Territory of Delhi) legislative and executive authority over Entry 41. However, NCTD shall have the legislative and executive authority over services such as Joint Cadre services or Indian Administrative Services that are important for the implementation of NCTD's goals and vision in terms of the day-to-day administration of the region.

26. “YUVA-PRATIBHA- Singing Talent Hunt” launched by MyGov in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture

On 10th May this has been launched. This initiative has the aim of promoting and enhancing Indian music. The idea is to make Indian music known to all by way of popularising it by this medium.

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27. India’s rank in the World Freedom Index falls

On 11th May these rankings were announced. India now ranks 161 out of 180 on the World Freedom Index. The report has been released by the global media watchdog RSF (Reporters without Borders). Pakistan ranked 150 and Sri Lanka 135th (in comparison to the previous year’s 140).

28. SAKSHAM- Learning Management Information System launched by the Union Health Ministry

On 12th May this platform was launched. SAKSHAM which stands for Stimulating Advanced Knowledge for Sustainable Health Management which is a Learning Management Information System of MoHFW has been launched by Shri Rajesh Bhushan who is the Union Health Secretary.

29. The “50-Startups Exchange” Program between India and Bangladesh launched

On 13th May, the program was launched. The idea is for 50 start-ups from India and Bangladesh each to exchange visitors from expanding the outreach. These start-ups are from industries such as e-commerce, health, transport and logistics, energy, education and skill development.

30. Go First’s insolvency plea admitted by NCLT

On 13th May, the application got admitted by NCLT. The resolution process of Go First shall begin since its plea for voluntary insolvency has been admitted by the NCLT. The company is thereby placed under a moratorium and the Board of Directors has been directed to assist the Insolvency Resolution Professional in running the affairs of the company until a resolution professional is thereby appointed for the company.

31. New Model Prisons Act framed by Centre

On 14th May, the Model Prisons Act, 2023 has been prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs whereby they are targeting to change the British era law. The law has been framed keeping in mind that there have to be more humane conditions for the prisoners. Focus has been laid primarily on the reformation and rehabilitation of inmates. There are specific provisions included in this model law for providing legal aid to the prisoners, furlough and premature release on the basis of several grounds as provided for in the model law.

32. Launch of Harit Sagar- the Green Port Guidelines, 2023

On 14th May, in order to achieve its target of “zero carbon emission goal”- the Green Port Guidelines have been launched by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways. Harit Sagar Guidelines 2023, aim to harness the dynamics of the ecosystem in order to assist in port development, operation and maintenance of the harbour ecosystem.

33. Urban Development Department’s new program- Digital Health Cards with Insurance for Municipal School Children in Uttar Pradesh

On 16th May, Urban Development Department in UP launched a school health program whereby a digital health report card for the overall physical and mental well-being shall be prepared for a total of 1765 students in the municipal schools of Uttar Pradesh. Health insurance benefit of Rs. 25000 is also being given in addition to all the students.

34. Reservation in Haryana for Backward Classes in urban local bodies

On 16th May, post accepting the report presented by the Haryana Backward Classes Commission report, regarding the reservation of backward classes in municipalities across the state, the Haryana Government has thereby provided reservations for them in the ULBs (Urban Local Bodies).

35. Enforcement of Competition (Amendment) Act, 2023

On 18th May, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs notified the said date to be the enforcement date of certain provisions of the Competition (Amendment) Act, 2023. Provisions that have undergone amendment in the Competition Act majorly pertain to provisions relating to Anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, combination, the selection committee for Chairperson and Members of the Commission, term of office of Chairperson and other Members, and appointment of Director General etc.

36. Supreme Court’s Pause on Bengal’s Ban on the Movie “The Kerala Story”

On 18th May, the Supreme Court paused the ban imposed by West Bengal on the movie “The Kerala Story” on 18th May 2023. The apex court, however, asked the filmmakers to add a disclaimer in the movie stating that the same is a work of fiction and that there is no backing of the same by any prescribed and authenticated data. The grant of certification by CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) is sufficient for the film and the state government is supposed to maintain law and order.

37. Agreement signed between NTPC and NPCIL for jointly developing Nuclear Power Plants

On 18th May, the Joint Venture Company decided to first produce two Pressurized Heavy-Water Reactor (PHWR) projects, Chutka Madhya Pradesh Atomic Power Project 2x700 MW and Mahi Banswara Rajasthan Atomic Power Project 4x700 MW. These have been identified as part of fleet-mode nuclear projects.

38. Removal of Rs. 2000 note from circulation, the timeline provided for exchange by banks

On 19th May 2023, RBI released a notification whereby it stated the Rs. 2000 notes shall be removed from circulation. Since they were printed more than four to five years ago (before March 2017), 89% of the Rs. 2000 banknotes have been removed from circulation, according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The currency must be exchanged before September 30, 2023, or it will lose its face value. The notes are legal tender till that date.

39. Clean chit by Supreme Court to Adani

On 19th May, the panel of domain experts in the Supreme Court stated that there was no proven record of price manipulation by the Adani Group. The conglomerate has reportedly taken all necessary efforts for providing requisite comfort to the retail investors. The Hindenburg’s allegations have thereby been falsified by this clean chit as given to the Adani group.

40. Supreme Court upholds the constitutional validity of laws framed for conducting animal sports like Jallikattu

On 19th May, the constitution bench comprising Justices KM Joseph, Ajay Rastogi, Aniruddha Bose, Hrishikesh Roy and CT Ravikumar stated that the law framed by the state is not flawed. It has been elaborated by stating that the court’s jurisdiction does not extend to providing absolute protection to animals but however, they are empowered to reduce their pain and suffering. The said laws are fulfilling the same.

41. Ban of Apple imports by India, Bhutan remains an exemption

On 20th May, the prohibition of apples has been done by India whereby it has been stated that where the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) import price is less than or equal to Rs 50 per kilogram. The import policy that was earlier “free” has now been made “prohibited”.

42. Approval of $82 Million loan by the World Bank for the prevention of zoonotic and other endemic diseases in India

On 21st May, in order to adopt “global best practices” for the purpose of “animal health management” and for preventing endemic zoonotic, transboundary, and emerging infectious diseases, this loan is being sanctioned by the World Bank. This will lead to the strengthening of India’s One Health approach.

43. UPI-LITE- PhonePe’s new version for enabling low-value transactions

On 22nd May, this version was introduced. Customers can use this for their payments which are below Rs. 200. This is a feature which can be used on its app itself. The transaction is processed directly by debiting the on-device UPI LITE balance without involving the customers’ banks’ (remitter bank) core banking systems in real-time.

44. Supreme Court said that there is no duty for appointing candidates from the waiting list unless there is a rule mandating it

On 24th May, the apex court stated that the Additional List's publishing does not confer any appointment rights. Such a requirement is not included in the Rule. The sole provision of Entry 66 of the Rules is that the Selection Authority shall compile and publish an Additional List of candidates not to exceed 10% of the vacancies and that the said list shall cease to be in effect as of the date of publication of notification for subsequent recruitments.

45. Global Internal Displacement Report 2023

On 24th May the report was released. The Global Internal Displacement Report, 2023 which is published by the IDMC (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre) highlighted the incessant increase in the number of people who have been displaced because of the natural disasters that took place in the year 2022. The number was observed to have increased by 40% from the figures for the year 2021.

46. First Vande-Bharat connecting Dehradun-Delhi inaugurated

On 25th May 2023, in Dehradun, Prime Minister Narendra Modi essentially signalled the start of the first semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express train operating between Dehradun and New Delhi. In Uttarakhand, this is the first time that Vande Bharat has been offered.

47. ISRO’s new online training program- START

On 25th May, ISRO’s launch of a new online training program called START (Space, Science and Technology Awareness Training) took place. It is aimed at providing introductory-level training to students of post-graduate or final-year undergraduate programs in physical sciences and technology. The lectures shall be delivered by scientists from the Indian Academia and various other ISRO centres.

48. NITI Ayog’s Meeting

On 27th May, NITI Ayog conducted its 8th Governing Council Meeting. The theme for the same was ‘Viksit Bharat @ 2047: Role of Team India’. The venue for this meeting was the new Convention Centre in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

49. New Parliament’s Inauguration

On 28th May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally opened India's new parliament building. All religious prayers, along with Havan and pooja, were said before the activities got underway in the morning. A plaque honouring the nation was unveiled by Shri Narendra Modi, who also addressed a group of legislators.

50. Wrestlers Protest at Jantar Mantar

On 28th May, when the protesting wrestlers started proceeding violently towards the new parliament building where the same was being inaugurated, there was a clash between the police and protestors. Wrestlers have been protesting at Jantar Mantar a pre-notified place. The Delhi Police then cleared the place and tweeted that if they apply for permission and abide by the law while protesting peacefully, they shall be allowed to do the same.

51. Supreme Court stated that a rented shop belonging third party cannot be accepted as security by a judgment debtor

On 28th May the said ruling was passed. The Allahabad High Court's ruling that the security provided by the judgement debtor in the shape of a rental store owned by a third party, of which the surety was a tenant, cannot be recognized as a security in law has been maintained by the Supreme Court.

52. 26th Day of Manipur violence- 40 Kuki militants killed so far

On 29th May, 26 days were completed of the Manipur violence. Hours after four civilians and a security official were murdered in new fighting in the violent state, chief minister N. Biren Singh announced on Sunday that at least 40 Kuki terrorists had been killed in a concerted military operation in Manipur's Imphal valley over the previous four days.

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