Here are questions based on analogies prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Here are questions based on analogies prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world. Art can create an analogy. — JR



An analogy is drawn to compare two or more things. The questions on the analogy that you may face in CLAT will expect you to complete such a comparison. You will be given two words with a relationship between them and a third word. You will have to determine which one of the options provided to you when paired with the third word will create a relationship similar to that existing between the first two words. You may also be given one set of words and asked to find another set with a similar relationship between them.

1. Honest: Truthful:: Obdurate:?

a) Adamant

b) Soft

c) Yielding

d) Submissive

Ans – a) As we see honest is related to truthful, so obdurate is related to Adamant. Both have similar meanings.

2. FGH : ?:: QRS : SUW

a) OPQ

b) GHI

c) HIJ

d) HJL

Ans - c) Q+2=S,R+3 =U, S+4=W (QRS :SUW) & F +2=H, G+3=J, H+4=L (FGH:HJL)

3. CDE : XWV :: ? : QPO

a) KLM

b) JKL

c) GHI

d) ABC

Ans – b) CDE:XWV ( X is opposite of c, W is opposite of D, V is opposite of E) Similarly in next cluster Opposite of alphabets (J-Q, P-K , O-L)

4. 2 : 10:: 3:?

a) 30

b) 25

c) 17

d) 35

Ans – a) cube of 2 plus 2 ( 2*2*2 +2 =10) similarly, Cube of 3 plus 3 (3×3×3 +3 =30)

5. Sound : Medium:: Light:?

a) Air

b) Vacuum

c) Water

d) Glass

Ans – b) Sound waves require a medium to propagate, light waves can move through the vacuum of space without needing any material medium.

6. TR : VX :: MK : ?

a) QP

b) QR

c) OQ

d) OP

Ans - c) TR : VX (T+2= V & R+6 =X), Similarly M+2=O & K+6=Q

7. ZY : CD :: SR:?

a) RS

b) VW

c) EP

d) PQ

Ans - c) Z shifts back by 24 positions to C (Z - 24 = C). Y shifts back by 24 positions to D (Y - 24 = D). Applying the same pattern to the second pair "SR," we need to shift each letter back by 24 positions:

S shifts back by 24 positions to E (S - 24 = E).

R shifts back by 24 positions to P (R - 24 = P).

So, the completed analogy is SR: EP.

8. Goal: Football:: Basket:?

a) Polo

b) Cricket

c) Volleyball

d) Basketball

Ans – d) As the Goal is related to football. Similarly, the basket is related to Basketball.

9. 12: 72:: 13:?

a) 31

b) 84

c) 100

d) 78

Ans – d) We can see 12*6=72 similarly 13*6=78.

10. Subhas Chandra Bose: Odisha:: Mahatma Gandhi: ?

a) Bihar

b) Punjab

c) Gujarat

d) Delhi

Ans – c) Subhas Chandra Bose was born in Odisha. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujrat.

11. Prose: Writing :: Lisp:?

a) Reading

b) Music

c) Speech

d) Drawing

Ans – c) Just as "prose" is a form of written language, "Lisp" is a programming language designed for working with symbolic expressions and manipulating data, often used in the context of speech and natural language processing applications.

12. Sword : Slaughter:: Scalpel:?

a) Murder

b) Stab

c) Surgery

d) Chopping

Ans – c) Sword is used for slaughter whereas Scapel is used for Surgery.

13. Fog: Visibility:: AIDS:?

a) Health

b) Resistance

c) Virus

d) Death

Ans – b) Fogs affects visibility, in the case of AIDS, the immune system's resistance is compromised.

14. Dog: Rabies:: Mosquito:?

a) Plague

b) Death

c) Malaria

d) Sting

Ans - c) The relationship is of cause and effect. Dog Bites cause Rabies and Mosquito bites cause Malaria.

15. Gram: Weight:: Centimetre:?

a) Volume

b) Area

c) Sound

d) Length

Ans - d) The relationship mentioned is of the “ Measurements”. As gram is the unit of weight, similarly centimetre is the unit of length.

16. Captain: Team:: Director:?

a) Employee

b) Customer

c) Organization

d) Union

Ans - c) As the captain is the head of the team, similarly a director is the head of the organization.

17. Lock, Shut, Fasten

a) Window

b) Door

c) Iron

d) Block

Ans – d) The synonym of Lock, Shut and Fasten is Block.

18. Pathology, Cardiology, Radiology, Ophthalmology

a) Biology

b) Hematology

c) Zoology

d) Geology

Ans – c) As all terms given in the question are medical terms and Hematology is also a medical term.

19. Clutch, Brake, Horn

a) Car

b) Scooter

c) Accident

d) Steering

Ans – d) All these are part of a vehicle.

20. Tamilian, Gujarati, Punjabi

a) Aryan

b) Dravidian

c) Indian

d) Barbarian

Ans- c) All these words represent the inhabitants of India.

21. ADCB : KNML :: EHGF : ?





Ans – c) All the given combinations of alphabets are 4 consecutive alphabets arranged in a manner that the first alphabet of those consecutive alphabets is placed at the first position while the next three consecutive alphabets are placed in reverse order i.e.

⇒ ADCB = A+Reverse of(BCD)=A+DCB=ADCB

⇒ KNML = K+Reverse of(LMN)=K+NML=KNML

⇒ EHFG = E+Reverse of(FGH)=E+HGF=EHGF

From the given option the only option that follows this condition is DGFE as

⇒ DGFE = D+Reverse of (EFG)= DGFE

22. 12: 20::?

a) 15:37

b) 16:64

c) 27: 48

d) 30:42

Ans – d) 4*3=12, 4*5=20 Similarly 6*5=30, 6*7=42

23. Disease: Pathology:: Planet:?

a) Astrology

b) Geology

c) Astronomy

d) Palaeontology

Ans – c) Diseases are studied under Pathology. Similarly, planets are studied in Astronomy.

24. Foresight: Anticipation:: Insomnia:?

a) Treatment

b) Disease

c) Sleeplessness

d) Unrest

Ans - (c) The words in each pair are synonyms.

25. Oasis: Sand:: Island:?

(a) River

(b) Sea

(c) Water

(d) Waves

Ans - (c) 'Oasis‟ is a water pool amidst sand. Similarly, an island is a piece of land amidst water. Remember: Sea would have been the answer if we had dessert in place of sand.

26. Major: Battalion:: Colonel:?

(a) Company

(b) Regiment

(c) Army

(d) Solthers

Ans - (b) As the Major heads a battalion, the Colonel commands a Regiment.

27. Hygrometer is related to Humidity in the same way as Sphygmomanometer is related to

(a) Pressure

(b) Blood Pressure

(c) Precipitation

(d) Heart Beat

Ans - (b) First is an instrument to measure the second.

28. Engineer is related to Machines in the same way as Doctor is related to

(a) Hospital

(b) Body

(c) Disease

(d) Medicine

Ans - (c) First tackles the second.

29. 'Dream' is related to 'Reality' in the same way as 'Falsehood is related to which of the following.

(a) Untruth

(b) Truth

(c) Fairness

(d) Correctness

Ans - (b) Dream is an antonym of Reality, Similarly, falsehood is an antonym of truth.

30. 'Framework' is related to 'House' in the same way as 'Skeleton' is related to which of the following?

(a) Ribs

(b) Skull

(c) Body

(d) Grace

Ans - (c) Framework is the foundation on which a house is built. Similarly, the body is built around the skeleton.






Ans - (c) L is 1 letter before M, T before U, L before M, A before B, Z before A, and H before, so it is LTLAZH. Similarly, CDKGH is the correct option for Delhi.






Ans - (b) RATIONAL: RATNIOLA::TRIBAL: TRILBA First 3 Remain Same Place TRI Then coming IIIrd one LBA ⇒ TRIBAL Comes in IVth place. Then left two took place and the last if digit comes to interchange them.






Ans - (b) HEATER is coded as KBDQHO

H+3=K, E-3=B, A+3=D, T-3=Q, E+3=H, R-3=O

Then COOLER is coded as

C+3=F, O-3=L, O+3=R, L-3=I, E+3=H, R-3=O

The code is FLRIHO

34. Waitress: Restaurant::?

(a) Doctor: Nurse

(b) Driver: Truck

(c) Teacher: School

(d) Actor: Role

Ans - (c) Waitress is a person whose job is to serve customers in a restaurant. Similarly, A teacher teaches students in a school.






Ans – a) A R O U N D ⇒ R A U O D N Similarly, G R O U N D ⇒ R G U O D N






Ans - (b) A PP R O A C H E D ⇒ R O A C H E D A PP Similarly, BAR G A I N E D ⇒ G A I N E D BAR

37. 8:256 :: ?

(a) 7:343

(b) 9: 243

(c) 10: 500

(d) 5: 75

Ans - (c) 8 × 8 = 64 × 4 = 256 , 10 × 10= 100 × 5 = 500

38. 21:3:: 574 : ?

(a) 23

(b) 82

(c) 97

(d) 113

Ans - (b) 21/3 = 7, 574/7 = 82

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