Here are MCQs on Cloze Test prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

Here are MCQs on Cloze Test prepared especially to help the students who are willing to crack CLAT UG.

"Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives."................Robert Dilts

CLAT UG: MCQs on Cloze Test


For the following questions, you have several passages where some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each blank out of the four alternatives


Childhood is a time when there are ___(1)___ responsibilities to make life difficult. If a child ___(2)___ good parents, he is fed, looked ___(3)___ and loved, whatever he may do. It is improbable that he will ever again in his life ___(4)___ given so much without having to do anything ___(5)___ return. In addition, life is always ___(6)___ new things to the child. A child finds ___(7)___ in playing in the rain or in the snow. His first visit ___(8)___ the seaside is a marvellous adventure. But a child has his pains; he is not so free to do as he wishes; he is continually being ___(9)___ not to do things or is being ___(10)___. His life is therefore not perfectly happy.

Question: 1


a) many

b) little

c) few

d) more

Answer: (c)

Question: 2


a) had

b) have

c) has

d) will have

Answer: (c)

Question : 3


a) up

b) at

c) after

d) around

Answer: (c)

Question: 4


a) is

b) has

c) are

d) be

Answer: (d)

Question: 5


a) for

b) in

c) as

d) of

Answer: (b)

Question: 6


a) donating

b) displaying

c) granting

d) presenting

Answer: (d)

Question: 7


a) pain

b) progress

c) pressure

d) pleasure

Answer: (d)

Question: 8


a) on

b) to

c) in

d) for

Answer: (b)

Question: 9


a) ordered

b) told

c) forbidden

d) restricted

Answer: (b)

Question: 10


a) beaten

b) penalized

c) disturbed

d) punished

Answer: (d)


It was a sudden decision. Three of us, all ___(1)___ in the hostel, decided to travel by train to ___(2)___ and witness the Republic Day Parade. The station was heavily ___(3)___ and there was a long queue before the ticket counter. ___(4)___ pretended sickness and persuaded the man nearest to the ___(5)___ to buy three more tickets – one for him and ___(6)___ for his sisters. No problem, therefore, in buying tickets. ___(7)___ train was already at the platform and there was ___(8)___ mad rush among the passengers to get on the coaches. Hari would not be worried by ___(9)___. He asked ___(10)___ to jump over the bumper between two coaches to get onto the other side.

Question: 11


a) roommates

b) strangers

c) classmates

d) friends

Answer: (a)

Question: 12


a) Calcutta

b) Hyderabad

c) Chennai

d) Delhi

Answer: (d)

Question: 13


a) guarded

b) thronged

c) crowded

d) filled

Answer: (c)

Question: 14


a) She

b) Hari

c) They

d) You

Answer: (b)

Question: 15


a) door

b) window

c) counter

d) enhance

Answer: (c)

Question: 16


a) three

b) four

c) one

d) two

Answer: (d)

Question: 17


a) The

b) A

c) An

d) No

Answer: (a)

Question: 18


a) a

b) an

c) the

d) not

Answer: (a)

Question: 19


a) things

b) everything

c) anything

d) something

Answer: (c)

Question: 20


a) them

b) us

c) we

d) they

Answer: (b)


In each of the following passages, there are blanks, each of which has been indicated as A, B to E. Choose the correct word from the given options which fits the blank appropriately.

Passage - III

When both myths and countermyths occur in the narrative field of a society, people can ___(A)___ the oppositions between them in unique ways. The psychological relevance of stories in the cases of myths and horror films may be in the experiencing of the ___(B)___ binary tensions, rather than in the manifest ___(C)___ of the story. The tensions in the story is, however, ___(D)___ through the binary contrasts. The message conveyed is a ___(E)___ complex.

Question: 21


a) internalize

b) externalize

c) concretize

d) secularize

Answer: (a)

Question: 22


a) overlying

b) destructive

c) comforting

d) underlying

Answer: (d)

Question: 23


a) relay

b) education

c) content

d) morality

Answer: (c)

Question: 24


a) dissolved

b) dissipated

c) opposed

d) maintained

Answer: (d)

Question: 25


a) holistic

b) constructive

c) difficult

d) prolific

Answer: (a)

Passage - IV

In a very short period of time, the internet has had a ___(A)___ impact on the way we live. Since the internet was made ___(B)___, it has lowered the ___(C)___ to creative expression. It has provided ___(D)___ to information on a larger scale. It has ___(E)___ innovation without ___(F)___ changes to its ___(G)___. An open, borderless and ___(H)___ platform means that barriers to entry are low, ___(I)___ is ___(J)___ and innovation is rapid.

Question: 26


a) profound

b) intricate

c) pernicious

d) harmful

Answer: (a)

Question: 27


a) radical

b) unavoidable

c) operational

d) provisional

Answer: (c)

Question: 28


a) encroachment

b) barriers

c) discrimination

d) tendency

Answer: (b)

Question: 29


a) assess

b) assets

c) access

d) right

Answer: (c)

Question: 30


a) assimilated

b) accumulated

c) obliterated

d) accommodated

Answer: (d)

Question: 31


a) insignificant

b) massive

c) peculiar

d) eventual

Answer: (b)

Question: 32


a) Infrastructure

b) technique

c) originality

d) method

Answer: (a)

Question: 3


a) mobilized

b) modernized

c) standardized

d) civilized

Answer: (c)

Question: 34


a) interoperability

b) intricacy

c) levity

d) variability

Answer: (a)

Question: 35


a) reassured

b) pressured

c) assured

d) uncertain

Answer: (c)

Passage - V

Man in his ____(1)____ of nature and universe has made the world ____(2)____, polluted. The air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is ____(3)____. There is ____(4)____ felling of trees, clearing of jungles, ____(5)____ natural barriers like the mountains and drying up the oceans by way of ____(6)____. This ____(7)____ of nature by man is a grave mistake for which mankind has to pay the price. Rapid industrialisation means ____(8)____ the industrial effluents into the rivers and seas. The river water has turned murky. Marine life has been ____(9)____. The toxic chemicals have made the air that we breathe polluted. Pesticides and insecticides sprayed on plants and the chemicals and fertilizers used for ____(10)____ plant yield have poisoned our food. Hence what we eat today has high toxic ____(11)____. Nature's plentifulness is a heritage not to be ____(12)____ with impunity. It must be conserved for future generations or its ____(13)____ will extinguish all.

Question: 36


a) pursuit

b) view

c) conquest

d) victim

e) want

Answer: (c)

Question: 37


a) foul

b) diluted

c) poor

d) precarious

e) critical

Answer: (a)

Question: 38


a) disturbed

b) pure

c) counterproductive

d) suffocated

e) contaminated

Answer: (e)

Question: 39


a) dubious

b) wanton

c) careful

d) planned

e) useless

Answer: (b)

Question: 40


a) attacking

b) projecting

c) cutting

d) blasting

e) sizing

Answer: (c)

Question: 41


a) reclamation

b) inhabitation

c) stabilization

d) destruction

e) damage

Answer: (a)

Question: 42


a) provocation

b) adventure

c) vandalism

d) abundance

e) evasion

Answer: (c)

Question: 43


a) relocating

b) divulging

c) menacing

d) culminating

e) diverting

Answer: (e)

Question: 49


a) evaporated

b) endangered

c) devalued

d) eliminated

e) forfeiting

Answer: (b)

Question: 50


a) managing

b) developing

c) maintaining

d) doubling

e) minimizing

Answer: (b)

Question: 51


a) damage

b) variable

c) content

d) yield

e) refuge

Answer: (c)
Question: 52


a) squandered

b) preserved

c) doubled

d) engulfed

e) coerced

Answer: (a)

Question: 53


a) equilibrium

b) existence

c) failure

d) proportion

e) bankruptcy

Answer: (e)

Passage - VI

The latest stage of the continuing ____(1)____ between India and the United States on the nuclear issue is now punctuated with pleasing diplomatic observations. Our latest round of talks with the American Deputy Secretary of State is "positive and encouraging". The US Deputy Secretary of State remarked that "none of us is pleased to have any clouds over the ____(2)____". We in India know that these clouds have ____(3)____ towards the subcontinent from the West. The US can easily disperse the clouds if it wants. But the economic sanctions are still in place. The US is only ____(4)____ trying to come to terms with the fact that the nuclear weapons are not the ____(5)____ of the Permanent Members of the Security Council. If they do not recognize India as a nuclear power, then what is it that they are ____(6)____ to? India will not ____(7)____ by their de-recognizing the nuclear tests. Both sides can happily close ____(8)____ eyes and agree to ____(9)____ what has happened. The fact that India is a sovereign nation, entitled to take decisions beneficial for its own security, has not been altered by the tests. The US has come round to ____(10)____ that India has some say in this matter.

Question: 54


a) adversaries

b) negotiations

c) strifes

d) strategies

e) disputes

Answer: (b)

Question: 55


a) relationship

b) struggle

c) matter

d) talks

e) countries

Answer: (a)

Question: 56


a) formed

b) eclipsed

c) reined

d) covered

e) floated

Answer: (e)

Question: 57


a) spontaneously

b) generously

c) grudgingly

d) gracefully

e) willingly

Answer: (c)

Question: 58


a) threats

b) creations

c) properties

d) monopoly

e) possessions

Answer: (d)

Question: 59


a) prepared

b) objecting

c) pointing

d) clinging

e) planning

Answer: (c)

Questions: 60


a) gain

b) differ

c) flourish

d) suffer

e) develop

Answer: (d)

Question: 61


a) their

b) our

c) naked

d) inward

e) both

Answer: (a)

Question: 62


a) imitate

b) undo

c) cherish

d) reiterate

e) ignore

Answer: (e)

Question: 63


a) expecting

b) suspecting

c) accepting

d) advocating

e) rejecting

Answer: (c)

Passage - VII

Actually every day we are engaged in this business of 'reading' people. We do it ____(1)____. We want to figure others out. So we ____(2)____ make guesses about what others think, value, want and feel and we do so based on our ____(3)____ beliefs and understandings about human nature. We do so because if we can figure out ____(4)____ and intentions of others the possibility of them ____(5)____ or hurting us ____(6)____ and this will help us to ____(7)____ a lot of unnecessary pain and trouble. We also make second guesses about what they will do in future, how they will ____(8)____ if we make this or that response. We do all this second-guessing based upon our ____(9)____ of what we believe about the person's inner nature ____(10)____ his or her roles and manners. We mind-read their ____(11)____ motives. Also, every day we misguess and misread. Why? Because of the complexity, ____(12)____, and multidimensional functioning of people. After all, how well do you 'read' your own thoughts, aims, values, motives, beliefs, etc? How well do you know your own structuring process — your own thinking and ____(13)____ styles?

Question: 64


a) vehemently

b) practically

c) actually

d) incessantly

e) virtually

Answer: (d)
Question: 65


a) ably

b) constantly

c) partly

d) largely

e) positively

Answer: (b)

Question: 66


a) futuristic

b) proactive

c) reactive

d) decorative

e) assumptive

Answer: (e)

Questions: 67


a) manifestations

b) expressions

c) motives

d) hopes

e) prospects

Answer: (c)

Question: 68


a) tricking

b) blaming

c) furthering

d) alarming

e) criticizing

Answer: (a)

Question: 69


a) lessens

b) happens

c) questions

d) deepens

e) laments

Answer: (a)

Question: 70


a) approach

b) direct

c) avoid

d) implement

e) prepare

Answer: (c)

Question: 71


a) solve

b) apply

c) plan

d) approach

e) respond

Answer: (e)

Question: 72


a) projection

b) exhibition

c) situation

d) prediction

e) attribution

Answer: (a)

Question: 73


a) organizing

b) underneath

c) appreciating

d) proposing

e) outside

Answer: (b)

Question: 74


a) cunning

b) visible

c) deeper

d) obvious

e) proposed

Answer: (c)

Question: 75


a) abnormality

b) angularity

c) focus

d) layeredness

e) contribution

Answer: (d)

Question: 76


a) proposing

b) developing

c) upbringing

d) lamenting

e) emotive

Answer: (e)

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